In 30 Seconds or Less + Photos: Lululemon Wunder Train Tight 25″

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It’s only been about 84 years since trying on lululemon’s Wunder Train Tight for the first time. The truth behind “84 years” is actually 7 months. It was February. But 2020. So whatever.

I was really into the fit and feel of the Cassis pair I’d encountered that day, but the color wasn’t doing it for me. I couldn’t bring myself to go in on ANOTHER pair of black tights, so I backed off.

After months of lurking, submarine rose to the surface (ha!) and it was time to give my first pair of Wunder Train Tights a go. Here are my thoughts:

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Got a new GoPro lens this weekend, so it was perfect timing to take them out for a little neighborhood gallivant. Turns out a half pony with the extra hair all swept to one side makes it look like I decided to go all in on super long hair extensions. Guess I’ve gotta move to LA now.

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  1. Hopped on the Wunder Train train and got them in the brown earth camo print and heather PU asphalt gray. Love them! If lululemon would make them with a side pocket, they would be perfect.

    1. If you’re looking for Everlux with a side pocket, give the Invigorate High-Rise Tight a try! They’re made of the same fabric of the Wunder Trains, but they’ve got pockets.

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