5 Faves & a Dud: The Streak is OVER

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

My recent purchases tab on lululemon.com is blank. Meaning, I have to go ask AMEX to find out how long it’s actually been since giving lulu any money. 47 days, in case anyone cares to know specifics.

Even though today’s weather (ayoooo, Winter Storm Stella) is no indication of spring’s heading our way, there are *some* colors finally peeking through lulu’s drab deluge of black & gray everything all winter long. I own both Pipe Dream & Porcelaine CRBs and wear BOTH on a consistent basis, so let’s just say I lost my mind a little bit when I saw today’s #1 favorite and said, “I MUST GET THOSE!”.

Catch the full upload here, and without further snowy ado, time for this week’s top five!

5 Faves & a Dud – 3/14/17 Upload

Favorite #1: Speed Short ($58) in blazer blue

Bright enough to stick with a brighter colored bra (like lip gloss) and have a colorful outfit (a la old school lululemon), but dark enough not to make you worry about every speck of dirt you come across.

PLUS… they match my knee sleeves. BUYING!

Favorite #2: Go Lightly Shoulder Bag ($78) in black

Had in shopping cart. Deleted from shopping cart. If I weren’t breaking the streak for the blue shorts, I’m not sure if I’d have broken it for this. However, this is a perfect size for a day trip, and I’ve got my eye on this one. If it’s still in stock in a few weeks and it’s still on my mind, I may be taking this bag home with me.

Favorite #3: Fast Track Weekender ($148) in black


I know, this post is on the fast track to becoming a luggage catalog. Second and last bag choice of the day, I promise.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, while on the pricy side, lululemon duffels make for a polished step up from a ratty gym bag for a quick weekend trip. If you’ve got a few dollars leftover in the budget, you probably won’t regret having this bag in your arsenal.

Favorite #4: Reveal Long Sleeve ($78) in black

Black with mesh, or some sort of cutouts will always have a sleek edge about it. I’m a big fan of the different angles are incorporated into this top, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for it on WMTM, unless I do something dangerous like try it on in store and cave. Why dangerous? That price tag is steep, yo. Think I’m going to dub this one the #sexyswiftly

Favorite #5: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve ($68) in blazer blue/black

While I don’t understand the logic of having this color available while cerulean blue/black is still available online in a full size run, I still like the look. A for aesthetics, D- for redundancy (because the photo on the left is also featured twice next to itself on the product page). Nice.

The Dud: Cates Crop Tee ($48) in blue denim

The Cates Crop Tee is one of those unfortunately perfect storms of when a boxy fit and a less-than-vibrant color come together to make clothes. At least it’s not $70.

What Else? Anything? Bueller?

  • For those who weren’t fans of the Swiftly Tech LS Crew‘s traditionally slim(ish) fit, there’s now a looser model called the Swiftly Tech LS (Breeze)
  • You’re killin me with the fullux, smalls! The bit point ice grey black Wunder Under Hi-Rise TightΒ have the potential to be awesome… in luon.
  • Nulux got itself a new print this week, mini concrete jungle alpine white multi! I like it, I think. Available in the expected Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight & Energy Bra.
  • For those of you who can make pretty pastels work and still look badass at the gym (not me) the Cool Racerback II (still boycotting) is now in a color similar to lullabye, hydrangea blue.
  • I still need to try me a Sculpt Tank II, maybe in blazer blue? Heheh, I rhymed.
  • For those of you who are always down for a 2-in-1 item, the Turn About Tank looks like it could be cute. The only thing is if you wear it with the split seam in front, you’ve got to tie the ends in a knot, unless you’re ok with looking like you’re wearing a vest and can’t find your tux.
  • While I dig the LS, I’m on the fence about all the holes in the side of the Reveal 7/8 Tight. Swiss cheese, but pants? Lulu’s banking on their success, dropping them in 5 different colors this week.

My face is getting tired. Maybe it’s from that whole work-shovel-work-shovel-work-shovel thing that I did from 8a straight until it was time to write this post.

So, the cat’s obviously out of the bag that I got the blazer blue Speed Shorts this week, along with the Out to Lunge Untight Tight that I’ve been eyeing for a few weeks now. #airplanepants

With the blazer blue, viridian green and lip gloss, I’ve got hope for lulu this spring. Cautious hope. Anyone else end a dry spell this week?


  1. Not for me. Lipgloss is too similar to boom juice and the viridian green swiftly tank is almost the same as my jungle green from a year or so ago. I love speeds but not solid colors. I did ebay buy a run stuff your bra black/white stripes with grapefruit from June 2015 – giddy happy as I missed this the first time around.

  2. I, too, am liking the colors lulu is bringing this spring. I’d be definitely interested in those speeds if I didn’t already have baroque blue, and the lipstick speeds if I didn’t already have neon pink and boom juice. Now if they made viridian green speeds, I would drop cash in a second. That color is gorgeous in person. I almost caved and bought a crb2 in that color (but I didn’t! Ugh crb2).

    1. For my wallet’s sake, I need to be careful when jewel-toned solid speeds happen, with no silly waistbands or anything. If viridian green Speeds happen I’m in the same boat as you: with $58 less in my pocket!

      1. I read your comments about the speeds running a tad bit small.did you feel like you should have gone up a size ? I have aleasy been an 8 but seriously, I was in the Spokane store a couple weeks ago and was feeling like maybe I let myself go this winter . Seriously ,the size 8 allign crops were too small and size 8 SS swiftly too small. I was like WTF, so much so I raced home to weight myself and I never do that,. Lulu is skimping on their material and making me feel fat. Shame on themπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I want those new blue shorts tho but don’t want to have to return them if they are too small and won’t go up a size .. Ego thing , sorry, not sorry

      2. The fabric felt different than expected. While the shorts fit slightly smaller (I too raced home to put my jeans on to see if I had gotten bigger lately), but it was stretchier than usual. Moving around in them wasn’t an issue, so that’s a plus.

        If your near future plans don’t include losing any weight, sizing up may not be a half bad idea. I consider myself a fluffy 10 right now, and figured I’ll be back to a lean 10 once Seawheeze training starts, so I kept my usual size.

        I’ll run home at lunch and post a comparison between a few pairs who all claim to be a 10 for reference!

      3. I bought the Speed Shorts in strive multi black so if these are cut like those, I know exactly what u are talking about. My size 8 felt smallish in my bum area but I kept them thinking I too would be leaner in summer ( like minds ) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      4. The blazer blue was SMALLER than my strive multi black ones! >.<

        I was talking about this one of my favorite eds this morning, and so we walked over to the Speeds, and I pulled the two colors out from the size 2 shelf and they looked the same. Maybe just the larger sizes got hosed. #whompwhomp

      5. Wowza, gotta pass then πŸ˜₯ butt is too white to be seen hanging out. Will try on just to fwwl worse about myself next week in person πŸ˜‰ yeah, self loathing behavior in the dressing room here I come πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. My no buying streak since early February 2017 is also going on the line today… Heading to the store to check out/purchase the Go Lightly Shoulder Bag. I think it will be a good alternative to my trusty go-to Festival Bag.

      1. Turns out I have not purchased anything since January 27th, so naturally I had to buy the bag today! πŸ˜› Pros: 1) Fits an iPad. Travel win! 2) Fits my to-go coffee mug, which is a no-go with the Festival Bag. 3) The bottom zippered section is a neat idea. 4) The back of the bag has two open top pockets. The large case for my iPhone 6S fits perfectly. Cons: 1) The interior liner is solid black. Great for hiding stains. Bad for finding my black wallet or any other black accessories. 2) There is only one small, mesh zippered section inside the bag. It would be useful to have another larger zippered section for secret things.

        All in all, it’s a solid buy for a $78 daily-use sized bag.

  4. I too was feeling blah about their winter colors and designs. Hadn’t bought anything since the holidays. Finally broke the streak and ordered the new Smooth Stride Hot Short in green. Haven’t seen them in my stores yet. I buy all the Wunder Shorts in 5 inches (and get them hemmed a bit shorter in store) and was happy to see the 3.5 inch length on the Stride Short. This will be the perfect length and can’t wait to get them for spring/summer.

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