Photos: Lululemon’s Shakti Sherpa Snood


Here it is, folks – the lululemon Shakti Sherpa Snoodย ($88) in action! It’s an oddball piece, and I quite honestly doubted my sanity for considering this purchase at first. It came out, but I couldn’t shake the idea of this scarf/hood hybrid, so I took my money and went out on a limb.

Survey says: this thing is GREAT. It’s a thick knit, lined with even thicker fur (wool?) inside. The fabric is said to be merino wool, but it’s not itchy at all. In the past 2 weeks I’ve traveled across the US 3x, and it’s been coming with me to each city to combat the frigid temps currently annoying the nation.

Iowa City. Spokane. Home. Salt Lake. Home. Portland.

All of these places have been cold (especially you, Spokane), yet my ears have stayed toasty the entire time.

Yes, it will set you back $88, but I’ve been incredibly happy with my purchase so far. My standard winter coat doesn’t have a hood, so the snood has stepped up in a big way this December. It will leave you SOL when wet snow or freezing rain begins to fall, (who wants swampy yarn) but for dry snow and plain old freeze pop days, it makes my head happy.

Given that it’s a thick knit with a thick lining, you may not want to keep it on once you get to your destination. Yet for getting yourself from point A to point B in the tundra, it does its job and it does it well.


Here I am with my new snow friend, Seamus. He thinks the snood is cool too.


  1. Oh man! I was on the fence and then I saw your IG and this write up ….well I went to order this AM and they are sold out. I would make a witty comment like “you snood you lose” but I’m mad at myself for procrastinating.

  2. Thanks so much for your perfectly timely review! I just ordered one to take with me on our holiday vacation to London and Paris. Sounded better than trying to make an impromptu hood out of my vinyasa scarf…

  3. Hey you. You were in my neck of the woods!! How did you like Spokane? Did you heck out the lulu store when you were here?

    1. Hi Michelle! No rental car left little opportunity for exploring, yet I ate dinner at a tapas restaurant located in the Davenport, and it was AMAZING! I’m excited to explore the area more the next time I’m at Gonzaga!

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