5 Faves & a Dud: No Colors for You!

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

First off, a disclaimer: I was too busy post-Seawheeze traipsing around Capitol Reef & teepee-ing last Tuesday to even remember to look at upload, which is a real first. So, if there’s anything I grab off of the What’s New page that technically dropped last week, I’m sorry. It’s new to me.

Secondly, I’m in a capital fitness F.U.N.K. I do NOT want to work out at all. The feeling of obligation to run pre-Seawheeze killed my workout mojo, and I thought that weight of dread would be lifted as soon as I got home and back to normal life. Instead, the idea of working out just reminds me of that “ugh, I have to” feeling of working out that I had pre-race weekend. I don’t know, I hope I snap out of it soon.

I’ve run all of twice since SW. Forced myself into 4 miles on Saturday and again last night, and intended to tonight after work. Then, I flopped out on my bed after work. Now I just finished the last bite of pizza and this beer is almost gone. If you are going through the same thing, know that you’re not alone.

If you think I’m just a thirsty weak-willed girl with a penchant for gummy bears who knows better and should get on up and out there anyway, you’re right. I’m not looking for sympathy, just telling it like it is. A trip to the Cape and down to the US Open next week are on the horizon, so hopefully after all this summer gallivanting subsides, the routine mediocrity of life will punt me back into some healthy old habits.

Cold weather is upon us in fashion land, even though it’s still beach weather. Check the full slate here if you want to get a jump start on everyone else. Bright colors are seriously absent this week. My winter wardrobe can black & gray with the best of them, though, so I don’t mind one bit.

5 Faves & a Dud – 8/23/16

Favorite #1: Energy Bra (Peek) ($58) in black

Somewhere between the actually supportive Energy Bra and the strappy but bouncetastic Free to Be Wild, we have this new gem, the EB Peek. If I didn’t just buy all the lulu at Seawheeze (and then proceed to Robson St and buy even more lulu), then I’d be racing to the mall to try this beauty on.

Favorite #2: Speed Short ($58) in mini obscurred black dusty mauve/black

Have to include these on the list, given the fact that these shorts were part of the secondary Robson St haul in Vancouver. Easy thought process here: OOOOH I haven’t seen these in America AT ALL yet! Clearly I must buy them. After just selling off 4 pairs of Speed Shorts pre-SW… what do you think I did? Came home from SW with 4 new pairs of Speeds. Even keel.

Favorite #3: Vinyasa Scarf ($48) in coco pique black white/black

Cheating a little bit here, given that this scarf is a redux from last winter. I have it, I love it, I almost forgot it on an airplane once. Got to the top of the jetway, but hadn’t exited into the terminal yet when I realized I didn’t have it with me. Thankfully, I was still able to go back and grab it. Just spend the extra $9 in the airport for a mini lumbar roll pillow, ladies. YOUR MENTAL WELL-BEING AND PROTECTING THE LULU IS WORTH THAT MUCH.

Favorite #4: All Day Duffel (Reflective) ($168) in splatter reflective

Pardon me, I must go pick up my red grape Extra Mile Duffel and hug it and remember that I love it and there is no need for any other weekender-sized lululemon duffel in my life. Is this what it feels like to already be in a committed relationship, meet the hottest guy on the planet and find out he’s actually into you? I’m thinking too much. Who are we kidding, I’m sh*t at relationships. This train of thought is getting derailed real fast. Choo choo!

The bag. This duffel bag. It’s pretty and I like looking at it. Moving on.

Favorite #5: Locarno Long Sleeve ($78) in black

The price tag. Ugh, the price tag. Y U BE UP IN THE CLOUDS? Otherwise, love it and all those pima cotton feels.

The Dud: Define Jacket ($118) in dusty mauve

Just the name ‘dusty mauve’ brings up bad feels of bridesmaids dresses in horribly drab colors. Anyone in a wedding any time soon, run and hide before the bride makes you wear these while getting ready.

Ramble Ramble Ramble, Type Some More.

  • I get the vibe that mini obscurred black dusty mauve/black is the pretty plume of 2016. In addition to the Speeds listed above, you can also find this print in:
  • The first VEST of the year is upon us. I’m still sticking to my 2014 edition of the Fluffed Up Vest, but for those of you who are in the market for blue (I won’t lie, I kind of am), here we go 2016 with the Layer Up Vest in deep indigo, bordeaux drama and black. All excellent color choices, if you ask me. Online only.
  • How long have we been on the Love Tee III? Just this week? (Told you I’ve been off my game) Has it gone over my head for this long? Anyway, I’m guessing it’s recent. Looks like the severity of the scoop of the bottom hemline has been reduced, which is my only gripe with the one OG Love Tee that I own. I dig it.
  • Blame the Syracuse alum in me, I just can’t get enough outerwear. Forget the vest, I want to the Layer Up JACKET. Do I have unknown eskimo lineage? I should ask Mom & Dad about that.

There are more than a few things I like this week, but with the Amex bill staring at me from under the pile of 10 new lululemon items that came home from Vancouver with me, I’m gonna pull the typical white girl card in response to if I’ll be buying anything this week and just say…

I can’t even.

What about you?


  1. I HATE dusty mauve. (Dusty rose from the 90s bridesmaid and mom/grammy of the bride dresses) If I never see that color again it will be too soon. Next they’ll start bedazzling shit.

    I’m having trouble getting back in the groove too after SeaWheeze. I’ve been eating to much and running too little. I’m going to bed early tonight so I can get up and go. We’ll see.

  2. no shame in my game — i bought a pre owned vinyasa from a fb group to bring w/ me when i travel internationally over the new year. i figure, if i lose it, at least i wont lose one that i really, really love. i just cant stand airplane blankies. 😀

    and yeah — i dont like dusty mauve either. i feels grannyish …..

  3. The coco pique vinyasa was my first scarf from Lulu (not sure why it took me 8 years to get one) and I still love it whole-heartedly after 2 years. It’s my plane blanket, too, my rain coat/hood for light showers, wrap when the office gets slightly cold. I picked up another one in May this year in Banff, and I could probably be persuaded to buy another. #vinyasalove

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