5 Faves & a Dud: The Struggle is Real

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

Here’s what happened at CrossFit today… great example of why people are so damn awesome. Today’s metcon was as follows:

15min AMRAP:

  • 30 cal on rower
  • 20 burpees
  • 10 Box Jumps (30″/24″)

Over the course of the day, the farthest anyone at the box had gone was 3.5 rounds. So, Coach Justin made a ballsy announcement that if anyone could complete 4 rounds in the 15 minutes, he’d do 100 burpees. Last time he made a 100 burpee bet to the box, it was 2013 and the bet was that that nobody could get 100 double unders inside of a minute at the end of a long chipper WOD. Somebody got the 100 dubs, and that somebody was me.

Since that day 3 years ago, Justin hasn’t made a 100 burpee bet… until today. Welp, guess what. He lost. Again. I wasn’t the one to officially go over 4 rounds, we can thank the guy working out next to me for his accomplishment. Anyway, Justin made good on it.

He went to work on his burpees, and then some of the guys at the box joined in. Voluntary burpees at the end of a rather spicy WOD all so that a guy doesn’t have to do something alone? Commendable. I even jumped in for the last few. CrossFitters aren’t a bunch of bro’d-out neon-clad jerks. We’re good people who’ve got each other’s backs.

Yay burpees! I’d rather do those than wall balls any day of the week. Onward with this week’s picks! (I’ll admit, picking 5 was tough with the small end-of-month upload. The struggle was real.)

Side note: Sunday is May 1st. MAY FIRST. 2016, where the hell did you go and who gave you permission to race along faster than the speed limit?

5 Faves & a Dud – 4/26/16 Upload

Favorite #1: Physically Fit Tank ($54) in black

I’m riding shotgun on the open back bandwagon this year. As it starts to get somewhat hot here for the summer, I am looking forward to having a tank with a bit more ventilation built in (don’t lie, you get back sweat too), all while looking cute and being able to show off a pop of color from underneath. Plus, it’s pima cotton, so you know it’s going to be damn comfy.

Favorite #2: Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro ($11ish/6-pack) in my fridge

Goin’ up on a Tuesday! Not really. I had one adult beverage. Just one. This week’s slate of new lulu isn’t impressing me much, but the beer I had with dinner was pretty kickass. Because recovery carbs. Amirite? Ever since discovering this beer 2 years ago, it’s been in my top 3. Happy was the day that I discovered they started distributing in Connecticut.

Favorite #3: Pure Practice Bra ($58) in samba snake kayak blue hero blue/hero blue

The long line ‘wannabe tank but definitely still a bra’ deal is catching my attention. I don’t know why. I want to wear it during a sweaty WOD. I don’t want to shell out $58 for it, though. It’s worth noting that lulu actually recognizes all of its customers are not the same height and have made the straps on this bra adjustable.

Favorite #4: Ready & Go Tank ($68) in very light flare

So it looks almost like electric coral than it does VLF in the photos, but that could just be my eyes’ being favoritist jerks. I quite enjoyed electric coral’s moment in the spotlight last spring. We never did see an electric coral CRB. Weaksauce.

I’m getting off topic. Long story short, my name is Katy and I approve this tank! (As if my approval meant anything to anyone.)

Favorite #5: Physically Fit Long Sleeve Tee ($68) in black

See comments above re: the open back trend.

The Dud: &go Keepsake Pant ($128) in heathered texture printed greyt deep coal

Sometimes you have multiple things working in your favor. This is not that time. The drop crotch and the high price tag make these an easy pass. Also easy to look like you’ve gained 20lbs.

What Else?

  • Move over, Wild Tank – it looks like 2016 may just be the year of the Lighten Up Tank. Cute yes, but it doesn’t look too promising in the support department. Will have to do some fitting room recon.
  • The True Self Bra, True Self Crop II and True Self Tank are all back for another go around. The tank is online only, and it looks like there’s a better color choice this year. Beware of funky tan lines.
  • Happy to see the Energy Bra *Exhale continuing its march on as a somewhat ‘core’ style this spring. The latest add is samba snake kayak blue hero blue/hero blue, and I’ve got to say it looks pretty sharp.
  • The Rack Pack Bra keeps on keepin’ on! This week, it’s kayak blue. #likebutton
  • If the 105F Singlet was your jam before its retirement, its non-scalloped friend, the Principle Tank has got your covered in both hero blue and white.
  • I can see the Yogi Everyday Tank getting a lot of use in both CrossFit boxes and yoga studios all over the place. Another pima cotton win!
  • My watch keeps telling me to stand up. Not now, Apple watch. The blogosphere needs something new to read. Shush.
  • I feel weird admitting I don’t own a Power Y Tank. I feel like I should, seeing that the design is as old as I can remember. Oh well. My point was: space dye camo alberta lake fresh teal looks quite nice.
  • Another Exhale redux is the Define Jacket (Exhale), with perforated mesh panels on the side and back. It comes in black and red grape, both are stellar options IMHO.
  • There’s been some excitement about the Sunset Savasana Pullover II, which just seems a little off to me. Maybe the larger holes in the knit in back? It’s got an odd vibe to it. I want to like it, but I just don’t.
  • Another thing that I feel like should jive but doesn’t: the Scuba Hoodie III in kayak. The thick fabric and style screams WINTER while the color screams SUMMER. I’m conflicted.
  • On the heels of the Align Pant II’s redo launched last week, another one of the big September designs of 2015 sees its first update in the form of the All the Right Places Pant II.
  • Let’s talk about the foli manifesto white nimbus Hi-Rise Wunder Under Crops for a second. I would get them dirty just LOOKING at them. Godspeed to whoever buys these and wears them out of the house. My pretty plume High Times from last summer still have the tag on them because I’m afraid to ruin them. There’s no way I could handle these. One cup of coffee and *splash* GAME OVAR.
  • I want to try on the Om Pant for giggles. Yes they look like hammer pants, but they don’t strike me as UGH as the other poofy pants do.

Man… vacation is coming up soon. So is more business travel. So is one of my best friend’s weddings. Time to DO ALL THE THINGS!

Oh, as for upload this week? I’ve been quite well-behaved in the lulu dept this month, so I felt okay with taking a chance on the Physically Fit Tank and the rio nights Drop It Low Short. Let’s hope at least one of them works out. If not, back to the store you go!

What about the rest of you out there? Snag anything exciting?


  1. I lost my om pants but they were my staple whenever I visited my dad on cape cod during the summer. Super light, airy and surprisingly cute.

  2. Don’t get your hopes up for the Lighten Up tank. I tried it on ages ago and I think you can trust my fit review on this one cos we have similar built. I’m 5’10, weigh a dense 155 lbs, and bra size 34C for reference. Most of my tanks are size 6 and bras are 8.

    For me, size 6 runs TTS and it is a lot less baggy than the Wild tank. The straps of the tank were unnecessarily long (and I thought I was tall, WTF) so I had to do quite a bit of adjustment in the fitting room. I have 2 LU bras (size 8) and the straps are okay, but the strap placement is slightly different. The support of the tank is as bad as the bra, possibly worse.

  3. i was at the store yesterday to get a birthday gift card and couldnt stop touching the om pants — so soft! i wanted a pair but the store only had them in pink. nope not doing that.

    the educator said the other colors had not been unpacked yet… maybe this weekend.

    1. Pink might remind me just a little too much of my genie costume that I wore for Halloween in 4th grade. Given the positive things I’ve heard about them lately, I may need to at least give them a whirl in the fitting room!

  4. I tried on the rio nights Drop It Low Short and they fit amazing!! let me know how you like them and let me know how you like the Physically Fit Tank! our store hasnt received it yet 🙂

  5. Tried and bought the Physically Fit Tank today in store. Love it!! I want the stripe, too, but it’s blowing out online. (Same size as my other cotton tanks.)

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