Sneaky Presale: the Align Crop


As Katelin shared in this past weekend’s What We Love, the ever so loved (or hated, depends on who you are) Align Pant has gotten cropped. The crop features a few tweaks, per HeyLululemon:

You’ll notice that we made some updates to the crop from the original pant – we took away the double hem on the waistband to smooth things out, reduced the gusset hem along the leg and took in the hem sweep a touch so it stays close to the body.

One of my friends got an email from our local store on Friday saying PSSSST come on in and try the new Align Crop! I did not get said email. I’m all signed up for their email list, so I’m going to blame my spam filter on this one.

Many of you probably got the email from lulu this morning with “shhhh… sneak peek” in the subject line, with a link to purchase the new Align Crop a full day before they upload to the main site tomorrow night.

In a departure from the wine-themed red & purple color names, the non-black option in the new crops is rosewood. I anticipate more items coming out in rosewood, if such a big piece like the Align Crop is being released in that color.

Enough rambling out of me, here are the stock photos of the new crops on the block!



Did anyone make like Tonto and jump on the presale today? I can’t justify buying anything new that I don’t really *need* right now. Plane tickets are expensive, man.


    1. Hi Karissa! I do have 2 pairs of the Aligns. I go TTS with a 10 in them and am very happy with how they’ve been working out for me so far.

      1. I sized down, as I use them for hot yoga as well as casual wear. My TTS didn’t feel secure enough around the waist (which never happens, as I’m thicker in the waist than the size chart says I should be). I think it depends on personal preference and your intended use of the leggings.

  1. Has anyone else noticed that the inseams for both the pants and the crops are listed as 25 inches? I have seen a side by side comparison, so I know one of those is wrong, but it would be nice to know the actual measurements.

  2. @Samantha I went to the store today to try on the Align crops and they are more like 21 inches. They are just a tad bit shorter than Wunder Under crops.

  3. i love that the aligns finally come in a crop version, which will fit more like a 7/8 on me.

    i have one pair of aligns and i love them but they are too long on me — they bunch at the ankles.

    1. Being 5’9″, I tend to forget some of you all run into the complete opposite problem as I do. Some crops end up awkwardly short on me.

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