The Fitting Room: Define Pullover


img_4013Pardon my distraction… I just noticed the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants has made it to Netflix. I remember reading the book waaaay back when it first came out – so after much adulting today (I’ve spent like $20 on rocks on the past 2 days in the name of vase filler), mindless chick flick time it is.


Hang on. Can we pause on the rocks thing for a minute? Ever since turning 30, I’ve suddenly decided that it’s time to organize things, declutter, get shelves and empty some boxes that have sat here since I bought my condo. Back in 2010. I’ve caught the domestication bug.

In slightly related news, I managed to escape Ikea without buying any meatballs or a 50 cent ice cream cone yesterday. Maybe I bought an $8 French press, because $8. It happens. Then I trucked up the highway to lululemon.

Oh geez. Fuller House has been released. Good thing I didn’t realize this until Sunday night.

The Fitting Room: Define Pullover ($98) in black

THE FIT: Right off the bat, the Define Pullover felt a bit tight in the armpits, but it fits normally everywhere else. I guess chalk it up to le crossfit? Pictured above is the 10. Sorry for trying on black… the details are kind of tough to see.

This pullover’s predecessor, the Define Jacket, has a pretty slim fit, so I really had a tough time deciding between the 8 and the 10. I first grabbed the 10, and it felt a bit floppy when unzipped all the way. However, there was some room in the 10’s torso that wouldn’t make me worry about wearing it on a less than skinny day. The 8 was noticeably slimmer, as expected when… you know… you size down.

Pictured above: Size 10

LENGTH: Not owning a Define Jacket, I can’t officially lay them over and compare. Maybe I should have thought about that when trying the pullover on, but my mental capacities were too consumed by the excitement that my local store got the red grape Extra Mile Duffel. I was on a mission to #treatyoself in honor of the conclusion of my busiest season at work, in the form of a new weekend bag.

It’s long enough to keep you covered when you sit, but also allows a CRB (or long tank of your choice) to be highlighted as a layering piece.

POCKET SITUATION: In the absence of a full zipper, the front pockets connect to form a kangaroo pouch in front. The placement of the front pockets isn’t too high, so where you’d put your hands to keep warm doesn’t sit awkwardly high on your waist.

Pictured above is the size 8. You can see how it pulls a little more around the bust.

DETAILS: The Define Pullover shares most features of the Define Jacket (duh). The only differences are the lack of full zipper in front, and the stitching on the front. The slim fit and mock turtleneck collar stay the same, as does the arch design in the back.

The Define Pullover also features the awesomeness (aka thumbholes), and this time, the sleeves are long enough not to pull and make things uncomfortable when you extend your arms. Scuba Hoodie III, I’m looking at you.

THE VERDICT: I took the 10 home with me, in black. It was a tough decision, though. I liked the slim fit of the 8, but ultimately there was something about this pullover’s design that makes this piece uncharacteristically tight in the shoulders, despite fitting normally everywhere else.

Sizing up to the 10 didn’t create so much extra space that the pullover felt baggy, so in the name of shoulder comfort, the 10 was the winner.

Has anyone else tried this one on and noticed the shoulder wackiness?


  1. I also tried on and purchased the define pullover in my true to size 6. I didn’t try on the size up but I agree it is a very slim fitting piece and I also agree it is very fitted around the arm holes (I’m very muscular through the shoulders, back and arms. I think it felt snug due to the trim cut but also because this pullover is in luon – which is thicker and less forgiving that lulus pullovers which are generally in rulu or pique luon.

    1. Hold the phone… This just sounds atrocious by name. Did it only drop in Canada or did this totally sneak under my oblivious nose?! Pause the world while I consult Dr. Google…

  2. i had the same issue w/ the hustle in your bustle jacket — the 10 was obvs too big & baggy; the 8 fit but i needed wiggle room in the shoulders.

    i went w/ the 8 but its a bit iffy wearing that jacket under thicker tops.

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