5 Faves & a Dud *SE

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

If you celebrated Thanksgiving today and you’re sitting here reading this right now, congratulations on making it through a crazy food and family-filled day. I shockingly did not go back for seconds on anything, including dessert! Must have been that sensible breakfast of a broccoli & egg white omelet that I had earlier in the day.

ANYHOW, the much-anticipated drop of lulu’s annual Black Friday Special Edition gear is here! Lots and lots of things that actually shine, instead of last year’s sequined PRINT that didn’t actually… shine.

One thing I noticed is that the SE gear is running the full gamut of sizes, so if you’re a 2 or 12 that gets left out sometimes, this capsule is making sure that no extra dollar goes unspent.

Check out latest US Upload here, and let’s get on with this week’s picks, part deux!

5 Faves & a Dud *SE (11/26/15 Upload)

Favorite #1: Pace Tight (Full-On Luxtreme) *Lights Out ($298) in black/ravish reptile silver black

PaceTightYou don’t know how close I was to spending an unreasonably large amount of money on these tights. The trigger finger was twitchy. But then, my wallet was saved by three little words: full on luxtreme. Many of you know that I despise fullux. They’re still pretty sharp, though. I shall admire from afar.

Favorite #2: Race With Grace 1/2 Zip II *Lights Out ($198) in ravish reptile silver black

Another design that’s as frickin’ snazzy as it is pricey. Trigger finger twitched on this one too.

Favorite #3: Run: Speed Short ($54) in flashback static white black/black/raspberry glo light

SpeedsAlright, I’ve got to admit here that I goofed. These dropped earlier this week on Tuesday, but they totally snuck in under my radar. They’d easily have been the 5th fave, instead of the Mathletes. Whoops. Sorry for missing them before! Nobody’s perfect, but these shorts may be.

Favorite #4: Vinyasa Scarf *Zips ($58) in apex stripe black white

Black plus white with GOLD hardware for some reason seems so much edgier than black plus white with silver hardware. A simple gold zipper can warm up an otherwise simple winter ensemble. ORDERED.

Favorite #5: Wunder Under Crop *Hi Rise ($88) in pigment wind white multi

THE PRINT IS JUST SO FUN. I was going to choose the latest Pace Tights in pigment wind berry rumble, until these jumped out at me a little further down the page. These have 2 big pros that the pigment wave multi release from this spring didn’t have: 1) LUON, 2) HI-RISE. I prefer the pink & blue vibe over the others, so these got me jazzed.

My only reservation is that sometimes dyed patterns on lighter luon (these will be printed on white) may fuzz up eventually. I ordered them to get a better look. If I don’t think they’ll hold up after a few good sweat sessions & washes, they’ll be going back.

I swear, Impulse decisions like this are why I keep the thermostat below 60 degrees in this house. Gotta save a few dollars somewhere.

The Dud: All Sport Support Tank ($64) in black/mini coast camo multi

This is totally an edit. I got so excited about the favorites that I forgot to pick a dud last night. My brain is not working. 

Additional Notes

  • Now that it’s all been uploaded, there are 8 total items in the SE reflective ravish reptile silver black, including an All Sport Bra! I <3 them all. I sure hope that some of this ends up marked down after the holidays!
  • Last year’s reflective Speed Shorts did not feature a liner, but this year’s product description says they do.
  • Fans of the Radiant Jacket now have another color to choose from, heathered angel wing.
  • Another space dye camo rulu is coming around the block. Move over, tender violet. You can check it out in forage teal in the latest Define Jacket.
  • The Yogini 5 Year LS is bringing back 2 older colors: heathered regal plum and tonka stripe black white.
  • The All Sport Support Tank makes yet another return. WHY.
  • First peek at the Salute the Sun Tank was in heathered dragonfly only; we have 3 new colors in the lineup after tonight’s upload.
  • Another thing I should have mentioned earlier in the week – the veritable replacement for the very popular (and retired) No Limits Tank is here, the Nouveau Limits Tank. Its straps are thicker, but it has the same look in the front. The back is a bit strappier than before, but overall I believe this will be much more supportive than the No Limits with its skinny straps. TBH, I never liked the No Limits all that much. I’m a CRB girl through and through.
  • I keep getting the Free Flow Bra and the Splendour Bra mixed up. Too similar.
  • Speaking of the Splendour Bra, they’re releasing banana leaf blush quartz now? That print was from, like… JULY.
  • The Lulu Pant II description has been modified to indicate they’re available online only.
  • One of the latest Speed Short colourways includes poppy petals. Maybe we’re in for more flowery stuff.
  • I have no business buying $24 socks, but I really like the fun new Runderland Socks. That is all.

In other news, WMTM was updated with about 60 new items to get you all your Black Friday fix of reduced prices. Zone in Tights are going for $39, and vests are now $99 and under.

So, here’s the big question of the evening: Did anyone order any of the SE reflective gear?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the zip vinyasa, please? I guess there are limited ways to style the item, but are you happy with the purchase?

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