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I can’t even bring myself to use the word “we” in the title this week. Yes, the weekly segment is officially entitled ‘What We Love’ but with more than 1 total ick-inducing piece, I just have to throw manners by the wayside and place the blame square on Katelin for calling some of these her favorites.

Ooooooh I just saw a Delta Porsche on the Tarmac! As a travel dweeb, I can only hope that one day I too will earn that Diamond Medallion and fancy car service to my next gate when delays eff things up and my connection is in jeopardy. Until then, I shall count on luck and throw myself a dance party when I hit Platinum in the next couple of weeks.

I should probably clarify that I started writing this post from the PF Chang’s in Terminal A at ATL and finished while waiting to board plane #2 of the day. Pardon the crappy formatting. I will fix once my MacBook and I are reunited.

Oh crap. Going off on a tangent. 99.9999% of you don’t give a fluff about frequent flier miles. Shutting up now.

What KATELIN Loves – 10/27/15 Upload

Head to the website, zoom in closely. I believe this is the super fine wee stripe that’s featured in the straps of the Bon Bon Energy Bra. Pretty color, will look fantastic with navy blue bottoms. What don’t I have much of? Navy blue bottoms.

Why must lulu insist on ruining pretty colored swiftlies with doofy two-tone contrasting patterns reminiscent of computer graphics developed in 1983?

I was told when I was younger that if I didn’t have anything nice to say, to not say anything at all. Therefore I have no words.

HOWEVER… I’m willing to bet $3 that a good amount of you to come read my less than choice words for weird designs like this. So, in the name of giving the people what they want: This leotard sucks.

While I’ve yet to participate in my first hot yoga class, I can’t help but feel like someone wearing this would be HOTTER around the midsection with it covered up, instead of cooler. Any hot yogis out there care to weigh in?

Okay. This one is actually pretty.

The only thing that this tank and Snoop Dogg have in common aside from a name is… nothing. Welp, the back is mesh if you’re into that sort of thing. Looks an awful lot like a 105°F Singlet. While it works in a dark color, I am nervous about how this would look if it’s released in white.

There the lulu designers go making weird things again. I mean, your husband/fiancé/boyfriend/friend with benefits/latest tinder hookup may like this one for the zip front easy access, but that’s about it. Pass.


  1. Do you feel swiftlies are worth the $. I am looking into purchasing one, but all the review say they snag easily. What is your opinion?

    1. They seem a bit steep in price, but I find myself wearing the 3 I have quite often.

      I had the same reservations about snags that you do before buying my first one as well. They aren’t as rough & tumble as some other lulu fabrics, but as long as you’re not constantly running around with jagged fingernails and rolling around in the dirt, you should be okay.

    1. The CRB & Define are okay but none are screaming for me to take them home. One of my biggest lulu pet peeves are the two-tone patterned swiftlies, glad someone agrees with me!

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