What We Love: Some Stuff

What We Love

Pardon the interruption in my warehouse sale focused madness for Katelin’s weekly sneak peek at next week’s full-priced garb. Full price. Ick. I don’t like those words. Let’s see how rich I feel after tomorrow.

WWL2 copy

Never have been a fan of Speed Tights, but I don’t mind these. The base color is great, but the hot pink patterned waistband kills the option to throw them into a casual outfit without hiding it with a long tank.WWL4

I’m super excited about this one! I had the dark fuel Daily Practice Jacket in my cart from this week’s upload waiting for my trigger finger to get itchy, but this may replace it as the item du jour to spend my $ on.WWL4 copy

Love the jacket itself, I have one in black. This print? Mehhh. Not sure why it’s getting so heavily into the rotation. it makes me think of the 90’s show Rugrats. If you’re not old enough to remember watching Rugrats, we got some problems. Old school Nickelodeon was the sh*t.

A turtleneck in a pretty color with a neck wide enough to HIDE MY FACE IN. It’s like a scarf, but not. I don’t mind the turtleneck look, but I can’t stand the feeling of something being snugly wrapped around my neck all day. Survey says: I like this one!WWL3 copy

These speeds actually made me say “OOOOOOH!” all high-pitched and out loud when I first saw them. They’re not the which way sway from the Aussie upload, but they’re a step in the right direction.WWL2

Old school style makes a comeback. They remind me of the Nike crops I used to wear all the time back in 2008. Meh. I’ve moved on to brighter and tighter things. 🙂WWL1 copy

Another loose turtleneck style, and I like the wrap detailing at the bottom! If this comes in dark fuel or sapphire blue, I’m SOLD.

Anyone have their eye on anything this week?


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