The Fitting Room: Cyber Stripe Naval Blue High Times Pant & Sweaty or Not Crop Tee


Yesterday, the lulu itch hit me. It usually comes when I have a day off from work, and should really be cleaning around the house, but I spent all morning fighting the laundry monster, and I WON. Took a while, but I won. I’ve cleaned up my downstairs a lot since getting home from the Games, so I was feeling all accomplished and #treatyoself-ish. So, off to lulu I went. Itch = scratched.

Sweaty or Not Crop Tee

Now, I have no idea why I decided to try this one on, but I did and I fell in unexpected love with it. Being on the taller side, I was most curious of how short a cropped tee would be on me than anything. Put it on, saw the Electric Coral pop through the keyhole opening in the back and I was SOLD.

Sweaty or Not Crop Tee

For size reference: I’m 5’9″ and wearing a size 8 in this top, which is my CRB size.

In other news, I should consider a less duuuhhhhhh look on my face when taking fitting room snaps. How boring am I?

High Times Pant in Cyber Stripe Naval Blue Black

Dude. The combo of the woven stripes and luon used to make these pants is a WINNER. They felt thick and cozy, which will be PERFECT for hanging around the house in when temps start to fall. I had to hold myself back on these. I have a pair of black & blue ziggy wee Wunder Unders from 2013 which fulfill the black/blue/gray vibe in my closet. However, gator green was dropped in Canada, and it’s only a matter of time before they come south of the border. Man, I want these.

IMG_6771They’re looking better in the stripe alignment department in wake of the (IMHO) disastrous release of the cyber stripe silver fox High Times in recent months.

Now, here’s the exciting update that lulu snuck into the latest High Times without making much ado over, there is now a SECRET WAISTBAND POCKET! True story. Found it for myself.


Also, can I just toot my own horn about those nails for a second? All natural, no polish. Apparently getting your ass off the road and staying home for a week does good things in the Mother Nature manicure department.

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