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This week. THIS FREAKING WEEK. I’m sure we all take turns having weeks where we’re just so physically and mentally disconnected from the world it’s pitiful. Trouble sleeping, work stress, family stuff, leaky plumbing, running the gamut here of things that wouldn’t be so bad on their own, but when they all get together, you want to crumple like a paper napkin. At least an english muffin toasted with Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter on it lifted my spirits for a solid 8 minutes. I’m telling you, it’s dreamy.

Speaking of dreamy… anyone else into Sam Hunt’s music lately? Just me? Cool.

*sits here calmy hitting ‘refresh’ waiting for Katelin to post the latest WWL*

OOMF – wrote that last sentence 3 hours ago. FINALLY!

What We Love – 7/9/15

I envision this upcoming week to be somewhat costly for some of us.


Woohoo! I am definitely looking forward to this color. I new I bought the Bali Breeze FTBW to match SOMETHING, just didn’t know it was going to be my FAVORITE STAPLE ITEM! Hope these don’t go as quickly as Pistachio! That was a stressful melodramatic non-ordeal.


Shown in Pretty Purple. Does this WTS Singlet not look like the non-shiny sister of the one currently featured in WMTM? Not sure how much of a hot seller it will be.


Ladies, meet Heathered Peacock Blue. Someone tell me to step back from the Swiftlies. After caving on both Fresco AND Tranquil Blue, I do NOT need this. But again, it’s so pretty <3


Straight Up now tell me are you gonna really love this bra forever? *No No No!* //paula abdul joke


Just got my first RSYB when it came out 2 weeks ago in the Classic Stripe/Flash combo – loving it so far. This looks like a fun new addition to the collection for those who are into fun colors, but not wacky patterns.


This one has potential to be a sleeper superstar. Katelin’s notes say that the Picnic Play Dress has a shelf bra built in, which eliminates the concern that I’ve had with some other lulu dresses. It’s quite flattering on the model, and the best part of being a fitted midi dress is that if it’s too long for your liking, this is when you call in the troops and lululemon’s complimentary hemming perk!


Not my cup of tea, but I’m happy to see that the &Go collection back in the mix. If more pieces drop in the coming weeks, this would be where you find more pieces to wear to work.


Back Spin Stroke Peacock Blue Black. You’re a mouthful of a color name, and unfortunately the business of the pattern doesn’t show off the design details of the jacket too well. Looks waterproof, though! I shall check the specs on Tuesday.


Last, but certainly not least, ALARMING is back for a third week in a row. These old-school styled stock photos are looking much brighter than the photos of the recently released CRB and Free to Be *Wild Bra.

This makes me wonder if the new, lighter & airier stock photos are muting colors that are IN YO FACE bright in real life. Then again, I didn’t realize how neon Electric Coral was until I saw it in person, so I could be totally off the mark.

I’ve got my eye on that CRB for sure. I’m going to try very hard NOT to have my eye on that Swiftly LS. Time will tell.

Who’s excited for Tuesday?


  1. I want (need) that crb. When that stuff your bra comes to the U.S., I’ll be buying that too. (Btw, how’s the sizing compared to the energy?) and I like the swiftly a lot, but most likely won’t by it.

    That dress though… I must say, depending on the price tag- I may buy/order it to see how it fits. For some reason, I really like it a lot. Not 100% sure about the length, but it could always be hemmed. I like the idea of the built in shelf bra too. Hmmm… Possibly an expensive week. Crap.

    1. Hi Shells! I am in the same boat as you are with that dress – liking the look and wincing in anticipation of what the price tag will say. Guessing $120-130, hoping it will be lower.

      Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I’ve got my eye on that CRB too!

      After I saw your comment about the RSYB fit, I dug into my laundry and started laying different styles on top of one another to see if the fact that some feel looser than others was all in my head! Turn out, it’s not. Sanity intact.

      Results: The RSYB band doesn’t feel quite as snug as an Energy Bra, but it still holds you in place. Laying one on top of the other, the RSYB maybe had an extra 1/2″ or so in the band. I’m an 8/10 in Energy Bras, and I wear an 8 in CRBs. If you bounce between 2 different sizes in lulu tops, I’d order the smaller of your 2 sizes, seeing that bra is made to RUN in. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. I LOVE that bali breeze color so will be sitting at my computer hitting the refresh button until upload hits to hopefully snag the crb. I think I may order the dress too. I’m in the market for one for graduation next month and with some serious hemming (at 5’1 I will look ridiculous without it) this one may be a winner!

    I ordered the alarming crb but I’m taking it back. The red has some orange in it which I like but I have a crb from a few years ago (not sure about the color) and it’s just too similar. Neither are neon AT ALL which is a shame because those bright neon shades are my favorite!

    1. TBH, I was very surprised at how bright the Alarming WUPs looked in this week’s photos. They look cherry red, while the photos of the CRB & FTBW Bra appear more muted, with that orange twinge you mentioned.

      The WUPs featured look closer to Flaming Tomato – I’m anxious to see some store photos of them!

      1. To weigh in on The alarming convo…..I bought the crb and love! It’s not neon but a bright orangey red. It goes great with all the black/white with red trim stuff I got in the love red era that I had no crb to match. That said I saw the ftbw and also ordered the new speeds with the alarming waist and while I adore them, alarming is def more muted on luxtreme than on the luon. I think it’s a materials thing. While I doubt they’ll be as bright as the photos, I think it will be as saturated as we’ve seen yet. For me, I have hit the e brake waiting on the pretty plume wup. Love your blog btw, found you via AA and have been reading for awhile:)

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