This Week’s Upload: 5 Faves & a Dud

5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

2015-05-12 Upload Featured

Looks like the swimsuit factory has been working away to restock, as this week’s upload features the usual new gear, but also features a restock of a the Surf to Sand swimwear collection that’s been available for a while now. For those looking for COLORS as the weather warms up, Jewelled Magenta and Lullaby are in the house to brighten up your mood.

Cruise the full lineup here.

Let’s get on to the rankings, shall we?

5 Faves & a Dud – 5/12/15 Upload

Favorite #1: Water: Surf To Sand One Piece in Black ($108)

2015-05-12 STS 1pc A 2015-05-12 STS 1pc B

There are some things in life that we just can’t explain why we’re drawn to them. Usually, it’s a member of the male species with commitment issues (commonly known as the “Bad Boy”), but in this case it’s a swimsuit that’s not in line with my usual tastes. I like it. I don’t like the price tag, but I am really digging the style, with little explanation why.

EDIT: 24 hours later and the Black is already sold out. Guess I wasn’t the only one who loved this swimsuit!

Favorite #2: Scuba Hoodie II in Scratch Match Horizontal White Naval Blue/White/White ($108)

2015-05-12 Scuba

I know. Thick thick scubas are not what anyone wants to think of buying when it’s 90 degrees out. Despite its very close similarity to Heat Wave White/Black that’s recently been released, it’s still a fun print.

Favorite #3: All You Need Crop in Jewelled Magenta ($88)

2015-05-12 All You Need Crop

Alright… Heathered Jewelled Magenta wasn’t blowing my skirt up, but now that Heather has been kicked out on her ass and it’s just Jewelled Magenta, I like where lulu is going with this. This colors is like Bumble Berry’s brighter happier younger sister. Only caveat is that they’re an Online Exclusive. Taking a gamble can sometimes be rewarding (yay 50-Rep Bra), but you can’t always be that lucky. I am liking the detail along the sides. Not sure they will be going in my shopping cart, seeing that bright colored pants and shadows don’t exactly play nice with cellulite. Boooooo.

Favorite #4: Street to Studio Pant II in Dashing Purple ($92)

2015-05-12 SSP

I have a feeling that many lulu shoppers on the prowl for the standard latest FTBW/CRB/Speed Shorts won’t give some of the looser to & from pieces like these a second look. I purchased a pair last year, and am very happy with them.

When you’ve got to be outdoors when it’s warm out and shorts aren’t an option, these are some great lightweight crops that keep you covered but don’t weigh you down. I’m considering getting a second pair in a fun color, seeing that last year’s purchase was plain snoozer black.

Favorite #5: Spring Break Away Short in Jewelled Magenta ($58)

2015-05-12 SBA Short

By now, I have a guess at what you’re thinking… “WHAT is with this girl and all the Jewelled Magenta?” Well, I was a big tomboy in middle school and high school, and when I started to try to wear pink in high school, my mom and sister would be so shocked they’d poke fun at me. I’d then get self conscious and go back into my t-shirt and sneaker shell. Consider this making up for lost time. At least I don’t cover everyday things in rhinestones. It could be worse.

*Adds to shopping cart*

AND NOW… it’s time to bestow the weekly honor of the most WTF-inducing piece that should not pass go and collect $200 and go directly to WMTM!

Drumroll, please…

Kitty Drumroll

The Dud: Water: Salty Swim High Waist in black/narrow bold stripe printed white black ($58)

2015-05-12 SSHW

I just can’t get over the fact that it looks like glorified spanx with a control top in front. I just can’t.

Look at the poor model below who had to put these things on. Her face just says it all… she just can’t either.

2015-05-12 HW1 2015-05-12 HW2

Other Random Notes:

  • Heat Wave White Black is now available in Wunder Under CROPS
  • If you’re into looking like a bumblebee, there’s a new Black/Clarity Yellow colorway in the 4-way Speed Shorts that may pique your interest.
  • The Sun Runner shirts feature UPF 50+, I do like them! Just not sure where/when I’d wear.
  • Cyber Stripe/White Silver Fox has snuck back into things, this time in the form of a Scoop Back Tank
  • The Weekend LS in Heathered White/Deep Navy has got me feeling all nautical & stuff. Pardon me while I go pack the car and run off to Cape Cod. Gah I love Cape Cod.
  • Anyone else scratching their head at the Liberty Short?
  • The very popular Black Tech Mesh High Times are baaaack!
  • I’m all for Vinyasa Scarves as much as the next lulu lover, but who’s buying them in May?

Alright. That’s about all the rambling I’ve got left in me. Randy did a number on my hands last night, and I’ve got an odd blister that jars with each keystroke and it’s begging me to stop. So, I’m stopping.

Who’s buying what this week?


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