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5 Faves & a Dudlululemon

The northeast US is (and has been) like a sauna lately. Disgusting sweaty humid 90+ degree weather. If I wanted to live like this, I’d move to Miami. This is Connecticut. Mother Nature, get your act together because it’s not cute. I am only going to refrain from demanding it to be October RIGHT NOW because I have some fun stuff planned in August and I want to do all the fun things.

So I was looking at Mint.com the other day. I scrolled down to my lululemon budget line. Yes, I have a separate line item for lulu in my personal budget. I’m OCD like that. Since instituting said line item last fall, this is the first time that I am 4 days short of the end of the month and have come nowhere near said limit. The July selection just hasn’t been blowing my skirt up lately.

Things sit in my shopping cart here and there, but I haven’t really bought anything. I got those Sun Runner Crops and a shirt, but that was negated by returning said shirt along with one I’d purchased in late June. I have also began unloading some of the lulu I’ve worn next to never on Poshmark (feel free to stalk my closet @luluandthebox). My net expenditure on lululemon this month is about $11.

Happy that I haven’t had to endure FOMO watching things sell out while trying to conserve funds for Seawheeze, but not so happy that they’re making it tough to write about things I actually like lately.

Here goes nothing.

5 Faves & a Dud – 7/26/16

Favorite #1: High Times Pant ($98) in luon metallic lumatrix

While I’m happy to see they’re not fullux, anyone who knows anything about lululemon knows that a print luon with lighter components means that the lighter base luon will show through when you bend over. The risk of opacity issues is high.

Favorite #2: All Day Tote ($128) in black

ToteI was juuuust having this conversation over dinner last night with my friend Emily. She had come from work and had this nice new black leather Kate Spade tote. She was talking about how she’d gotten an epic deal on it, and I had gotten a similar epic deal on a plain black leather Coach tote many years ago, and I still pull it out when I need to carry things around and act all grown up and business-like.

So it’s no Kate Spade beauty, but this is about as close as you’re going to get from lululemon when it comes to a bag to carry all your crap around with a more polished look. I have no need for this tote in my life, but many of you might.

Favorite #3: Sculpt Tank ($58) in dottie tribe white black

So the Sculpt Tank first came out last year, and I thought it was a bit too conservative for me. I ended up getting one in pigment wave multi only because it was FREE as a prize I’d won at a local lulu-hosted event last spring. Then, I ended up wearing it a bunch at work while working events all gross slimy hot in the south.

This year, I even bought ANOTHER for work clothes purposes before sweating it out for a week in Birmingham. Being the CRB-holic that I am, I never thought twice to wear one to work out in, but I recently did. This tank is nice and breezy and lightweight, and it hides the awkward flip belt bulge when I run with my phone.

I’m late to the party but I’m happy to have arrived. Wahoo, Sculpt Tank! If only it would come in harbor/lakeside/pipe dream blue like everything else in the lulu lineup. GOSH, Napoleon.

Favorite #4: Secret Sock ($14) in power purple/black/lavender dusk

It’s like the Cheshire Cat, but socks. While I don’t own a pair of these, the color scheme gives me hope that August is going to bring an influx of a crap ton of grape/purple.

Favorite #5: Beat the Heat Crop ($88) in Hero Blue

Sometimes lulu does dumb sh*t like put black mesh on navy pants. Thankfully that didn’t happen this time around. I really like the seams/construction of these with the fun keyhole detail on the calf. Well done, design department. *golf claps*

The Dud: Sweat Date Tank *Cotton ($58) in heathered black

If you’re into that whole iron-pumping bro look for your gym outfits, save your money and take a pair of scissors to an old cheap tee. You do not need to be spending $58 to achieve that look. Mr. Schwarzenegger didn’t do it, and neither should you.


  1. I wish I could say the same about July but it’s been a very expensive month for me! Between my collection of Sunaway Runaway shirts and a ton of good stuff on MD I have acquired a lot. After Seawheeze it will be time to shop in my closet with a very limited monthly lulu budget. Being an adult is hard! 🙂

    1. True, there’s been a lot on MD lately! If I recall correctly, it was this time last year that lulu had its online warehouse sale. Could be cleaning off the shelves for the new fall gear to start dropping next week! I’m trying to convince myself I don’t need the Clear Mint Energy Bra, but I just can’t bring myself to delete it from my shopping cart.

  2. Lumatrix could either look very good on thighs or really horrid. I also hate when they pair huge long shirts with pants. Hello? I’d like to see the pants from waist to foot, Lulu.
    Also, I will stalk you on Poshmark.

  3. My sisters and our families are flying into CT this weekend for a little family reunion (spending time with a sister at her new house along some beach) and I’m super bummed that it will be crazy hot/humid. Coming from California, we don’t do humid well… Plus mosquitoes. Ugh.

    Just an FYI, the crops you mentioned above are “hero blue” not “harbor”… Thanks for your fun blog!!

  4. July has been SO expensive for me! There’s been a few goodies on WMTM, and I couldn’t resist the Tofino Teal Sculpt tank (CAN), as well as the Flip Your Dog which I stalked fruitlessly last season. I ordered the HT as well in the metallic lumatrix despite the misgivings about opacity and that it looks like a volleyball net. Who knows, it might work for me.

    1. It’s a tighter weave so the fabric doesn’t have much give. It’s also pretty smooth & slippery to the touch, which means they will literally slide off of you and won’t stay put until you start to break a sweat and have some moisture to help keep them in place. Whenever I wear fullux crops, I spend more time hiking my pants up all the time than I do working out. While some people like the fabric, fullux and I just don’t play well in the sandbox together.

  5. I got the high times lumatrix- I HATE when they put some bulky shirt on the model and then don’t have another view where you can actually see the waist, ugh. I just went ahead and ordered since they now do free return shipping, I’m glad I did since they’re now sold out, but hoping they aren’t frumpy on me like they are on that poor model. I suspect they won’t be, they look like they are super cute.

    1. You’re not alone! Ever since the more edgy/casual/fun/whatever photography style was incorporated last summer, sometimes it’s been tough to get a comprehensive look at the product you’re about to invest in.

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