The Fitting Room: Go the Distance Jacket


Go into the store for one thing, walk out with something else. I know I’m not the only one this happens to. The dawn of the new NFL season means the return ‘lulu parties’ with my friends Jen & Oliver. Sounds fun, right?

lulu party (aka lulu sunday): when you put on your most comfortable (sometimes ridiculous) lulu outfit, get down with the foam roller, eat junk food, drink beer and watch football. Sometimes chase the fur babies.

Welp, the reason I’m telling you this is because Jen was rocking her Wild Tank pretty awesomely, and it had me jonesing for a new one, seeing that my Atomic Red one isn’t the most matchy matchy with life. I got tank top envy and suddenly could not stop thinking about the new pretty blue one that recently dropped.

This resulted in a Sundate of lulu & brunch. I walked into the store for the Wild Tank. I walked out of the store with the Go the Distance Jacket. Makes complete sense, right? Tried the jacket on for kicks, and put it on in the fitting room first. I didn’t even bother trying the Wild Tank on, because decisions had to be made (can’t have both!), and I was hook, line and sinker for the jacket.

I’m going to blame my love of outerwear on the fact that I went to Syracuse.

Go the Distance Jacket

 The big selling point for me was the fact that the jacket was fairly lightweight, and it STRETCHES without losing too much of its shape. Ladies with CrossFit/swimmers’ shoulders, you can surely relate.

Meant for running, the jacket is made from Glyde fabric. Somewhat water resistant (not PROOF), it will be perfect for when New England decides that these 90° temps are for the birds and realizes that September is tomorrow. (Side note: Holy crap. Adios, verano.)

 The jacket is meant to keep you more from a slight chill on the run than to keep you cozy on the couch, so there are NO thumb holes in the sleeves. They are, however, elasticized so if you get a bit warm and need to roll the sleeves up, there’s a decent chance they will stay up.


The jacket falls nicely in back (for reference, I’m 5’9″), so you won’t get an unfortunate chill on your lower back when bending to tie your shoes. In the name of ventilation, the back panel is also split halfway up. 

BONUS FEATURE that I forgot to take photos of (and can easily take and upload later if I remember): there’s an elasticized hood that tucks nicely into the collar, without making it too stiff. Win.

Now, as I said before. Can the temps please not be in the 90’s anymore? Thanks.


  1. I was kinda feeling this jacket and then you got to the part with the HOOD and omg I’m sold. I’m also 5’9, so your fitting reviews are so helpful for me.

    1. It may not be the jazziest in design, but it’s a pretty practical purchase. It definitely isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon. As always, happy to help with fit reviews! 🙂

    1. Hi Audrey! This jacket is TTS. I sized up with the intention of layering thicker pieces underneath, but I kind of wish I hadn’t! I normally take an 8 in CRBs and Energy Bras, but bought this in a 10.

      1. thank you for your response! to size up or not is always the dilemma if you are “tall”/might layer…i’m the same way so i get it! the jacket looks great on you though so don’t second guess! thank you again – am ordering now!

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