1. The YouTube app won’t play the live coverage. It looks like you have to wait until it has been archived.

  2. Blasphemy! The hat is cute even though I like the other print (not up yet) better. 😜

    Just the JM CRB for me. My JM energy bra finally hauled its sorry ass to my doorstep today. Woot!

  3. Did you stay TTS in this tank? I’m trying to decide between 6 (my 105 size) and 8 (my CRB size)…

    • It’s definitely loose. I wear an 8 in the CRB and have plenty of room in an 8 in the Var-City tank. It isn’t meant to be a form-fitting piece, so I’d err on the smaller side.

  4. I like the idea of sweat cuffs, especially with the little key pocket. It would be good for outdoor runs, where you sweat profusely, but can’t really carry a towel. I don’t think these would mop up much sweat, but I know when I run, I only want to wipe the sweat when it’s about to get into my eyes, so a big sweat rag isn’t needed.

    • I’ll have to check them out if I see a pair in stores. I have a random cuff from TJ Maxx that serves the key pocket purpose, but it’s not absorbent at all. If made with the right fabric, I may be persuaded to give them a try!

  5. “Dark prints do fun things like hide cellulite and burpee dirt. I like outfits that do that.”… these comments are what makes me come back tk this blog every time!

  6. the runbeams are totally worth it…the sun surf whatever material is actually awesome in the sun and keeps you cool and the cuts are super flattering.
    i’m undecided on the new black/white crops ever since you called the color papier mache lol. I think you ruined them for me πŸ˜‰

    • That Runbeam is definitely wearing me me down! Lullaby is kicking it in my shopping cart right now. I just like to shorten the complicated names for fun πŸ™‚ If I weren’t such a dirt-prone individual, I would actually give those crops a try! They are a somewhat jazzed up version of the High Times, and I love me a high waist that stays put!

      • The colored ones are a bit ‘looks like a preschooler painting’ to me but I kinda dig the black and white…I do my weekly store trip on Friday so I’ll see what they look like in person…and I love your names they made me LOL.

  7. The All You Need Bra does not have inserts. A cute bra, but that’s why it’s on WMTM I think. As a small-up-top girl, pads give me some shape and the needed coverage. Come on lulu!!

    And lol on neon alien warfare πŸ˜€

    • I totally double checked when I was at a store yesterday and you’re right! I wanted to love this bra, but I’m not ok with letting people know how cold it is in the room, if you get my drift πŸ˜›

  8. I’m on board with that outfit idea, I might steal it – fair warning!

    And yeah, dud of an upload. But I do have my eye on the Poseidon run times. Will prob have to order 2 sizes as the fit of those can be as inconsistent as recent speeds. Run times are decent, but wish they’d bring back the turbo run shorts. Those were the BEST for coverage and muscular thighs.

    • Hm! I’ll have to try the Run Times for myself sometimes. Believe it or not, I actually refuse to run in Speeds, I consider them my squat shorts πŸ˜›

      • Yeah I don’t run in the speeds either! My thighs touch (gasp!! lol) and this causes all sorts of riding up with the speeds. I find myself running in either the turbos/groovy runs, or tight, compression shorts like the lulu shorty shorts.

  9. Not just you, North Am is definitely getting the shaft lately. I don’t really understand how their supply chain is so out of sync in their main region versus newer, growing regions. And if it’s not their supply chain and they’re doing it intentionally, well, that’s even more baffling.

    • I don’t know to consider it a blessing to my wallet or a curse to my wardrobe when certain prints come out in full on Luxtreme. I refuse to buy that fabric anymore!

  10. I don’t know if my other comment went through – but in the comments on WWL, Katelin said the US will be getting the Pistachio CRB! Yay!

  11. 1. “Go figure this contrasting strap idea gets me all excited on a FTBW and angry when it’s used on an Energy Bra. No wonder why men can’t understand us. I can’t even understand myself.” LMAO & Totally share

    2. “I wasn’t thinking straight and wore Speed Shorts on the hike my friend Jen & I went on prior to lunch & lulu, so I wasn’t able to try any bottoms on. It was a short 2-item trip to the fitting room.” hahaha TMI! AND also, I just realized I always wear speeds with underwear… TMI strike two…

    • Yup, not the first tee or tank to be ruined by my height! The weirdest part of this top was trying to get the shoulder seams to sit where they were the intended. Because of the higher cut neckline in front and its being lower in back, the entire shirt kept wanting to droop forward.

  12. I saw the What the Sport tee in white this weekend at a local store. It had the really cool looking gold reflective details on the shoulders. Loved the look, but I’m not so much a fan of SS tops to work out in/sweat in (live in FL where it is always f’in hot), so I didn’t even try it on. The top looks great on you. The material has a nice feel, looks like it drapes well.

    • Thanks! I don’t work out in short sleeves, but my job sticks me outside in all sorts of climates. I like to repurpose simpler lulu items into work outfits, so i totally justified this in my head as “work clothes” πŸ˜€

  13. The wait is *killing* me.

    And if there is no pistachio? There will be a riot.

    This is obviously dramatic drop Tuesday. πŸ˜‰

    Love the blog too btw!

    • Got it. Whew.

      Surprisingly, that’s the only thing I bought. I kept putting things in the cart, but then didn’t love it enough to buy it… i.e. new speeds, bras, etc. Perhaps will regret it later, but have sat here long enough that I don’t think so.

      I liked the overall brighter colors than the previous weeks drops. That’s a plus. Looking forward to hearin what you have to say about the upload.

      • Got mine! Once I calm the eff down from that adrenaline and shower off the “death by burpees” WOD I just did, 5 Faves & a Dud is coming your way!

  14. Oh I missed the ace spot energy bra the first time around. Too bad I spent aaaaaall my moneys this week, haha. Black/white prints are practical, though I’m kind of on the fence about how much I like this one. SUPER STOKED about my classic stripe/flash light RSYB though. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • The more I look at it the more I’m wondering why I didn’t snatch that RSYB up! I planned ahead on the CRBs, the Speeds & WTSS were the survivors of a split second paring down of the shopping cart. Had to act fast before the Pistachio vanished!

      • Well at least shipping is free. πŸ˜‰ Sounds like it’s an expensive week for both of us, though, so I can’t blame you for wanting to minimize the damage, haha. I’ve gone a little crazy this month with lulu and friends. Currently trying to sell ALL THE THINGS and am kind of secretly hoping I want to return some of what hasn’t arrived…lol.

  15. Love it. Agree with your comments. I actually went back and bought the speeds bc I didn’t know if my local store would get them and learned my lesson the hard way with the navy blue speeds not to hold out for their local arrival. Figured I could return if I don’t like them. But a neutral is always good to have.

    I love energy bras. And I even love purple. But that energy bra? Seeing it in person, those grayish whitish straps in the back, they just make the bra look dingy IMO. Which sucks. Oh well.

    I am slightly worried (slightly excited lol) that these new colors will be a sign of new colors period for lulu. My wallet won’t be thanking me, but bright colors finally!!

    • I feel the same about the Iris Flower Energy Bra! Tried it on over the weekend, and those straps are just so blah. I can’t think of anything I own that would complement that color scheme well.

      The one design that gives me legit hope is the black/white/pink Run: Stuff Your Bra. That’s the most fun design they’ve put out in a while!

      Stoked for those speeds! It’s one of those weeks where I want to stalk the FedEx man.

  16. I kinda cracking up at the commentary. Nothing noteworthy to add… Only that I got my pistachio CRB today. πŸ‘πŸ˜ happiness.

    • My pistachio CRB was delivered today too! Too bad I’m out of town on business… Aka not able to get my greedy hands on it until Monday! Aghhhh

    • I was trying to be nice including the palm tree part in there. Totally saw Mary Jane for a good 15min before bothering to process the bit of knowledge that the word ‘palm’ is in the color’s name. Whoooops?

  17. Just purchased the Inspire Purple Crops online. I love them! The texture is awesome hope they make more textured crops/tights for running. The color of the pleat skirt you tried on caught my eye.

    • I have the inspires in the textured wave from this past winter, I’m definitely a fan of the inspire crops when the fabric’s got that right & tight fit!

  18. I’m so glad I found your blog! We are about the same size and your try on reports are very helpful. Thank you for all the work you put into your blog!

  19. I love this post! Here’s my two cents on this awesome topic:

    The Day Trip blouse (currently on WMTM) is another great work top similar to the Get It On Blouse (which I also have and wear to work constantly). I keep a Vinyasa scarf at my desk during much of the year to combat our frigid AC system. A lot of lulu cardigans and sweaters are GREAT for wearing to work – a pair of Uniqlo jeggings, a CRB, and the Post-Practice Cardigan with boots – fall outfit DONE. I wear the Om Tee to work a decent amount too – it could look sloppy but I find I can loosely tuck in the front to a pair of bootleg jeans and some fancy jewelry takes it to an acceptable level. And to top it all off, I’m wearing the Refresh Racer maxi dress from last year right now – a chambray button down and heeled sandals carry it into business casual territory. πŸ™‚

    Maybe we should make a tumblr just for lulu office outfit pics: #luluattheoffice

    • I’ve taken a look at the Day Trip Blouse, but have been on the fence, fearing the fabric wouldn’t be stiff enough for the collar to hold up. For a Final Sale item, makes me nervous to drop $54 on something I may not like at all.

      Love the cardigan idea, I don’t have any from lulu yet, just the Cabin Yogi LS from this past winter, which keeps you crazy warm!

      Also… fall can’t come soon enough. Everyone else you can have your summer fun, I want my football and SKINNY JEANS & BOOTS season ASAP πŸ™‚

  20. I have definitely worn lulu to my business casual office in corporate america. I like to wear the power y under a cardigan (and don’t have to wear a bra that day – yay small boobs!). I also wear my Forme jackets over a tank on casual jean days. And on cold FL days (rare), I wear my WUP under my dresses.

  21. I grabbed the alarming crb even though I too worry that it’s too similar in color to tanks I already have but I didn’t want to miss it just in case it sells out. I too managed to snag a pistachio crb (yay, love it!) and now I’d rather buy now, return later. I couldn’t say no to the grapefruit or gold what the sport tees. After picking up the black what the sport tee and two pairs of pace rival crops this last week, my lulu budget for the next 3 months is spent! Nice job holding back πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha I’m referring to the iris flower/pretty purple stripes. They scream ivivva! Knowing me, I’d sit in a pile of dirt by accident within 2 minutes of wearing the Sunset Stripe Blush Quartz Print.

    • Hey! I ordered the reversible high times too and got an email earlier tonight that they were out of stock. Just curious if that happened to you too or if you were lucky enough to still get them πŸ™‚

      • haha i got this at like 5am on the stairclimber and frantically checked my email and lulu account to see what it said…i didn’t get an email saying I’m not getting them but it still says ‘processing’ on my account so they haven’t shipped yet…now i’m super nervous. I’ll let you know!

      • haha i got this at like 5am on the stairclimber and frantically checked my email and lulu account to see what it said…i didn’t get an email saying I’m not getting them but it still says β€˜processing’ on my account so they haven’t shipped yet…now i’m super nervous. I’ll let you know!

    • I’m sorry it happened to you too πŸ™ I think you may be right about their not actually having them in stock, I haven’t seen anyone comment that their order went through. Maybe next upload!

  22. Safe this week, thank the lulu gods. I don’t wear a lot of red so I think I’m passing on alarming, but who knows, maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and think differently. πŸ˜› I’m still debating what to do with the 3 things I got from last week’s upload. How did your greyt speeds work out?

    • Safe right now, trying to talk myself off the ledge on the Grapefruit WTS Tee!

      Tried on the greyt Speeds quickly this afternoon and at first impression, I really like them! Was a little surprised to find the pattern was a print, not woven. The fit seems a little long in back like the Fresco Blue Speeds, but I don’t think they flare out as much when you’re looking at them head on. Going to try to snap a few half decent photos to share a fit report this week.

      I’d also be lying if I said that RSYB that you got last week wasn’t in my shopping bag…

  23. No snagging here this week (might consider the regal plum print rolldown WUC), but I did get an Electric Coral and Animal Print Flow Y bra at the Sarasota, FL store two weeks ago for $24 a piece. Couldn’t pass up that deal on those colors!

    • It’s crazy what kind of fun stuff you can find in stores. All the swimwear was marked down a few weeks ago in my local store, and today they had the JEWELLED MAGENTA ENERGY BRA for $29, which totally blew my mind!

  24. Exactly. Wallet is safe (hopefully, as long as there are no surprises on Tuesday). And all the colors remind me of lullabies. I like *bright* colors. This is no where near the bright color spectrum.

    I don’t mind the cool to street bras. Especially seeing as my daily bras are some form of a lululemon bra. I have workout lulu bras and everyday ones. This could go into the daily pile but the zipper would be seen underneath and I don’t think it would do anything for my flat-chested self. Oh well.

    Been thinking about that tranquil blue top too. It’s such a preeeety color. Sigh…

  25. I agree, I’m unexcited about this week’s upload, and good thing too… my local store had all the Wanderlust gear when I stumbled in last Wednesday. Ended up with the kimono and the white feather tie up top, plus some grapefruit speeds (LOVE), and a random pair of Paris Pink Groove shorts that were hiding in the rack. Given that I’m supposed to be saving up for Seawheeze merch, I’m all for the uninspiring uploads for a while. πŸ™‚

    I saw the tranquil blue in store and I just didn’t think the color was vibrant enough. I’d been dreaming about it too, I just wanted it to be a bit more vivid, like my fresco blue one is. Can’t have everything I guess!

    • I too am HUGE into Fresco Blue, but there’s something nice and calming about Tranquil Blue too… maybe I just really like blue πŸ™‚

  26. I want (need) that crb. When that stuff your bra comes to the U.S., I’ll be buying that too. (Btw, how’s the sizing compared to the energy?) and I like the swiftly a lot, but most likely won’t by it.

    That dress though… I must say, depending on the price tag- I may buy/order it to see how it fits. For some reason, I really like it a lot. Not 100% sure about the length, but it could always be hemmed. I like the idea of the built in shelf bra too. Hmmm… Possibly an expensive week. Crap.

    • Hi Shells! I am in the same boat as you are with that dress – liking the look and wincing in anticipation of what the price tag will say. Guessing $120-130, hoping it will be lower.

      Like everyone else in the blogosphere, I’ve got my eye on that CRB too!

      After I saw your comment about the RSYB fit, I dug into my laundry and started laying different styles on top of one another to see if the fact that some feel looser than others was all in my head! Turn out, it’s not. Sanity intact.

      Results: The RSYB band doesn’t feel quite as snug as an Energy Bra, but it still holds you in place. Laying one on top of the other, the RSYB maybe had an extra 1/2″ or so in the band. I’m an 8/10 in Energy Bras, and I wear an 8 in CRBs. If you bounce between 2 different sizes in lulu tops, I’d order the smaller of your 2 sizes, seeing that bra is made to RUN in. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  27. I LOVE that bali breeze color so will be sitting at my computer hitting the refresh button until upload hits to hopefully snag the crb. I think I may order the dress too. I’m in the market for one for graduation next month and with some serious hemming (at 5’1 I will look ridiculous without it) this one may be a winner!

    I ordered the alarming crb but I’m taking it back. The red has some orange in it which I like but I have a crb from a few years ago (not sure about the color) and it’s just too similar. Neither are neon AT ALL which is a shame because those bright neon shades are my favorite!

    • TBH, I was very surprised at how bright the Alarming WUPs looked in this week’s photos. They look cherry red, while the photos of the CRB & FTBW Bra appear more muted, with that orange twinge you mentioned.

      The WUPs featured look closer to Flaming Tomato – I’m anxious to see some store photos of them!

      • To weigh in on The alarming convo…..I bought the crb and love! It’s not neon but a bright orangey red. It goes great with all the black/white with red trim stuff I got in the love red era that I had no crb to match. That said I saw the ftbw and also ordered the new speeds with the alarming waist and while I adore them, alarming is def more muted on luxtreme than on the luon. I think it’s a materials thing. While I doubt they’ll be as bright as the photos, I think it will be as saturated as we’ve seen yet. For me, I have hit the e brake waiting on the pretty plume wup. Love your blog btw, found you via AA and have been reading for awhile:)

  28. Snagged the bali breeze CRB too, amazed it didn’t sell out. Thought about the dress but didn’t pull the trigger so too late for me. I was worried about the fit so if I see it in store, awesome. If not, oh well!

  29. Did the same as Lizz, bought the bali crb and waffled on the dress, and now out of luck. Luckily I have two stores near me, so a trip to lulu may be in store this weekend. I’d also like to try the floral backdrop speeds that came out last week, since I bought the tranquil blue swiftly LS last night too!

    • Gah, seriously! It just doesn’t look like it’s got much stretch at all. What’s the point in that much money if it doesn’t fit like a very flattering and supportive glove?

  30. Ughhh. In the hour that I missed this, all the good stuff must’ve been gone. Nothing that I see now makes me feel the need to whip out my card (or PayPal). Which is probably a good thing. I feel a twinge of disappointment, but reassuring myself that saving money is always a good thing.

    • It’s only been up for 30min or so. I am still scrolling up and down deciding on pulling the trigger on the few things I put in my cart. I am thinking on sleeping on it in hopes that some things will sell out overnight, saving me the headache of having to decide if I really need things or not. The only definite for me right now is a plain white 50 Rep Bra.

      • That’s the only thing I was eyeing too. ($24!) At the risk of sounding slightly ungrateful, last years’ sale was super good. This one had me feeling like they *really* needed to get rid of fugly items. Case in point: wake & flow shorts, for the yin pant, etc.

  31. Bought the crb and the new gingham energy bra. I like the blue straps on it. Pretty. Had the dress in my cart but was worried about the fit- in the pics, it almost didn’t look like it fit 100% great. Hoping it comes in locally to try on. I was surprised on the low price point. Crossing fingers.

    Those high times!! I wanted them but the stripes! That’s the basic test of quality workmanship and it’s such a eyesore. Sigh.

  32. I’ll be there! This is my second year, last year was AMAZEBALLS and this year, since I’m much more interested in the teams than I was last year, should be super fun too! I PR’ed my Fran and got new Nano 4.0s for free last year too. Cannot wait!!!! Also, bring lots of sunscreen. and minimal clothes. and all the abs. πŸ™‚ And let’s meet up if you’re looking for people to hang out with!

    • Hi hi!! Sorry for not having responded earlier. I am packing my luon-filled suitcase right now and we should definitely meet up so we can watch some kickass CrossFit and I can thank you for being a L&TB reader in person! πŸ™‚ Drop me a line at occasionalfaileo@gmail.com and let me know when you’re going to be there! I’ll be around all weekend.

  33. I’m with you on the dottie dash. Have you seen the ace spot / dottie dash Happy Strappy tank on the Hong Kong site? I almost threw up when I saw it.

    • Aghh I agree with you on that one, it’s just so BAD! I’m not sure what’s worse, the brownish dottie dash or that pattern from late last summer that looked like a bad countertop. Desert stone or something… It was so bad I clearly didn’t make room for the official color name in my memory πŸ™‚

  34. Oof. That bra is SO PRETTY. Have you ever gotten anything in the practice stretch cotton? How does it compare to the fabric in, say, the FTBW?

    • Hi Elizabeth! Unfortunately I don’t own anything in that fabric, so I can’t really make a comparison. I’m more of a CrossFitter than a yogi, so I tend to shy away from cotton pieces.

      • Well, after inquiring at the Baltimore store regarding the fabric, I was encouraged to buy my normal size–will let you know how I fare. I’m like you in that I lift heavy things but I’m sold on any lounge-y bra that is described as a hug.

  35. i just started reading your blog. dam you are one funny lady hahaha!

    thanks for the review of the all sport crop. this totally made me not want them anymore. good news for the wallet πŸ˜‰

  36. Those Wrap High Times pants sold out FAST! I looked at the upload at 7EST, gone in most sizes. I am planning to order either the WUP or WUC in this print. Leaning toward the WUP because of the roll down waist. I too like the dashing purple swiftly. Florida winters barely call for anything with sleeves, so having two LS swiftlies is prob enough for me.

    • I had a hunch they were going to be a hot seller, so when I glanced at upload around 6:35p I took a screenshot knowing that they probably would be gone by the time I was able to write my weekly post! I was right – sounds like they all vanished in Pistachio CRB kind of time!

  37. lol! please do one of the pic showing only the model’s legs!! it’s from some WUPs or HTs i think.

    • I’ll have to look for that one! There are a few odd ones that didn’t make the cut this time around, which isn’t to say they won’t be made fun of soon πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know if I’m a bigger fan of the new photos for the lighter, airier feel of them – OR the fact that they give me fun things to scribble on.

  38. I thought of you when I saw that Snake swiftly photo. I had this exact thought: “LLATB is going to do some work doodling on that shot and I can’t wait to see it!”

  39. How restrictive is their camera policy at the Games? Here at the South regional I saw quite a few people have to retract SLR zoom lenses because they were “too long.” They even had “security” personnel walking through the stands threatening to kick people out.

    • Hi! Somewhere I read you weren’t supposed to have lenses that extended more than 5in from the camera body. I just used the stock lens that came with my DSLR. Saw other spectators with longer lenses that may have pushed that limit, but I did not observe or experience any security in the stands enforcing anything as far as photography went.

  40. I got the pretty plume WUC. Like you said, do I need them, no, do I want them, HELL YEAH. I lucked out and actually like them more than the wrap version from last week’s upload. Something about the wraps seems a little too girly to me.

    It must be in Lulu’s DNA to put out a bunch of similar colors right in a row. I can’t think of any examples at the moment, but I know a number of occasions where I was confused why all the colors looked the same/similar.

    Pipe dream blue and cranberry… beauties!

  41. Normally I’m not into ‘girlier’ patterns and styles, but the pretty plume is indeed that… pretty. However, I’m scared enough to wear my cyber stripe silver fox high times out of the house in fear of dirt, so it wouldn’t make sense to add another light piece to the collection.

    As for the color repetition, I hopped on Clear Mint like it was nobody’s business this year, only for Pistachio to roll around. Good thing I love lime green and both are getting heavy rotation.

    I noticed in store just about a week ago in the CRB section there was White, Butter Pink, Strawberry Milkshake and Neutral Blush all hanging there blending into one another. NOT NECESSARY.

  42. Interested to see what kind of inspire crops there will be this year. I looooove the green too. I’ll maybe get some of it later on in a few months on the FB boards, and maybe eBay. We’ll see.

    • I’m definitely curious too. May even be more curious about the appropriately named Curiosity Lager than I am the exclusive threads!

  43. I’m running it for the first time this year! So far from the previews, I’m definitely interested in the gray speeds (you hit the nail on the had with the rainbow sprinkles comment) and I am mildly interested in the green CRB only because the only greenish color I have is my clear mint one. I’m definitely NOT interested in the bug print (it’s definitely bugs) and also, kinda funny, those are mislabeled as speeds when they are definitely trackers. Will have to see what else they have at the expo – I’m hoping they have some Tuck and Flow LS tops like last year – that’s one of my favorite fall pieces (with a pair of jeggings, totally work appropriate. haha).

    • That’s awesome! You must be so pumped for this weekend. Wonder if they’ll do something horrible like make Wunder Unders covered in bugs? I want to see pictures! Shoot, I’d love for you to do a guest post about the weekend after it’s over. Totally up to you! πŸ™‚

      • I am SO down to do a guest post! Hell yes. Now I have a reason to fully embrace the madness and take way too many pictures!

  44. Just that heathered cranberry CRB for me tonight. My CRB collection has gotten a little crazy since they phased out the 105 Singlet, but LLA posted that it might make a return next year?! Here’s hoping it comes back with the feminine details I love like the scalloped edges. But yeah, it’s good this was a cheap week since I’m gonna be dropping serious cash at the Seawheeze expo!! (Also, can I just say how excited I am that the USD is really strong against the CAD right now? It totally means I can buy 30% more stuff, right?!) I’m hoping to try on the Daily Scuba, er, Scuba III, while I’m in Canada, will let you know if there is any difference with the OTD hoodie; figure the steep price will be alleviated by the exchange rate if I do decide to pick it up. πŸ™‚

  45. Can we just call it an On the Scoobly? πŸ˜€ I crack myself up.

    Some designs from earlier this year are making a comeback overseas (like the Mesh With Me & Sculpt Tanks), so I suppose anything’s possible!

    Excited to see what kind of haul you come away from Seawheeze with! I was really happy to hear that they are doing a runners only shopping window before all the ebay sharks come in and buy the place up. πŸ™‚

  46. Just checked out WMTM again after seeing it yesterday, and I saw the pacesetter skirts on there are marked at $49. I bought a black one when they first hit WMTM for $39. Pretty shady if you ask me…

  47. I was stalking IG all day too looking for this stuff. The stuff looks pretty adorable, and I LOVE all the bright colors. So vibrant and cute. I can’t really tell, but it looks like inspire tights in the third picture from the top. If so, I may need to hunt those down. I love those tights, and I love that pattern with the pop of pink.

  48. Those are passion crops in that picture. They had inspires in that print too but without the pink. The passion crops came home with me!

    • Both those Passion Crops and the Pink/Orange CRB caught my eye! TBD if I’m willing to pony up ebay $ for anything just yet. May wait a while to let the excitement calm down and see if there’s anything I am still jonesing for enough to pay sky high prices πŸ™‚

  49. Not sure what size you are, I’m an 8 but I grabbed two pairs of passion crops (different patterns) and truthfully, I don’t need two. If you are an 8 and really want one, I’m happy to sell them to you for what I paid. No ridiculous ebay prices! Just let me know!

  50. As I unpacked my order which contained the ace spot spring break away shorts, pleat to street with ace spot waistband, and dottie dash ace spot roll down WUC, I giggled and thought of you. I do wish the roll downs had a matching or darker waistband. The lighter pattern, while it will never see the light of day, highlights my worst area.

  51. This gave me chills. For reals though. I’ll see you in Carson next year for sure.

    PS. I forgot about the kip up thing that one dude did after falling during the Snatch Speed Ladder – so badass!

  52. I ordered Metta high times and the pace rival crops to try. I’ve completely given in to just ordering stuff and returning if I don’t like it because I’m sick of things I want selling out so fast. Now I get annoyed when they don’t haha. I signed up for Fabletics emails but haven’t tried anything they make. But they have a tank that looks identical to the dud there. Also, Fabletics email yesterday went out a couple hours before Lulu upload and said something about back to basics. Very odd to me

    • That happens to me too! Sometimes I make like Tonto and jump on things I think will sell quick, and then 4-5 weeks later they’re on WMTM. *facepalm*

      I like the variations on the High Times that lulu’s been coming out with lately, let me know how you like the Metta! Whenever there is mesh or sheerness involved, I envision one wrong move with a long fingernail and BOOM I ruined my pants. :p

  53. Are the day trip pants TTS? They look great on you! Think they’re versatile enough to be ok on a golf course or a parent teacher conference or a date night?

    • They are meant to be loose, so I will call them TTS. I float between an 8-10 in High Times and Wunder Unders. According to the official size chart, my bottom half in theory should be a 10. I ALWAYS take a 10 in Speed Shorts, and opted for the 10 in the Day Trip BF pant. On me, they are roomy as the design intended them to be without being too big. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much!! This is helpful! I’m still hesitant because some of my Lulu pants seem to get saggy in the bottom as the day goes on. I’m trying to decide between the 6 (my size for WU, DSP, spring break shorts, HT) or the 8 (my size for speeds, pants with a structured waistband).

        I am thrilled that there were some wear now and wear soon/going into fall offerings.

      • So I just laid a pair of Speeds over the DT BF Pant. Waistband is the same on both. I just put said pants on and I have maybe an extra 1/2″ of space in the waistband to take in before they start feeling tight, which really isn’t much.

      • Thanks for the additional info!! Finally ordered the 8s. It feels like gambling when the table minimum over your threshold of pain.

  54. I hope we see Swiftlies in Pink Lemonade this coming week. I want both a short and long sleeve. I got my Pink Lemonade CRB and Speeds today and I am in love. I must buy ALL the Pink Lemonade! Nothing tempting me in WWL. Although the Sunset Salutation LS is pretty.

      • No wonder I like pink lemonade so much – it is a near perfect match to my flash light CRB. I will have to make a return today. But I’m keeping those pink lemonade speed shorts!

  55. i still havent pulled the trigger on my shopping cart that has 2 straight up tanks in it. i keep holding out for thursdays. im cheap and try to buy lulu on sale only. πŸ˜€

    • I try and fail on that ‘sale only’ thing πŸ™‚ Heads up on the Straight Up Tank – the arm holes are a bit smaller than your average lulu tank. Not sure what kind of exercise keeps you active, but that piece wasn’t kind to my massive CrossFit shoulders, ended up returning it.

      • i fail too. especially when i go into the store. πŸ˜€

        thank you for the heads up – im def small up top but have shoulders so i might hold off on the tank. i like shortsleeves for actual working out and dance but wear tight tanks to yoga, and i also kinda wanted it because it seemed like a good work to workout piece but i dont have to have it.

        *dodged a bullet this week*

  56. i cannot tell a lie. I WANT THE FLUFFIEST VEST! *whew* glad i got that off my chest.

    i shouldnt though since i have 2 vests to rotate for the undecidedly not cold winters we have here.


  57. Your posts 5 fave and a dud are hilarious. You have the best lulu “analysis” of any blog I read….Thanks for doing what you do! The funny part is that we don’t even have the same taste at all. Some of your duds have been my Tuesday evening purchases! Though of course not today. What on earth are those pants?

    • Thanks for reading, and for the nice words! It’s always fun to see and hear different perspectives on each week’s drop. Ain’t no shame in one girl’s HELL NO being your OH YES! Less risk of selling out in your size, am I right? πŸ™‚

  58. Juice box… Love it lol. You crack me up. On a lulu note, I was never a fan of fatigue green, and I know it never really went away, but dang it’s back in full force again. Ugh that color. I thinking of getting the white speeds, though those were from last weeks upload. Had to ponder it for a few days.

    • Eeks! So you may want to brace yourself (and let your wallet rejoice)… Agent Athletica’s rundown of the latest gear overseas features a crap ton of fatigue green that will inevitably make its way to North America in the next few weeks. :/

  59. Glad I’m not the only one who gleefully greets the FedEx delivery person! What a letdown! Don’t hate me, but I ordered all 3 vests. I thought they might sell out and couldn’t choose just one. Need more time to decide! I think navy will be the keeper, even though I have last year’s more fitted navy vest. Why are the others so shiny? Rapper’s girlfriend is not the look I’m going for in carline. Also ordered the fatigue CRB and the tie dye alarming swiftly, which I’m already returning in my mind, since I’ll get it just in time for Labor Day weekend. Love the skinny groove! Any idea how the sizing of the roll down compares to last year’s pants? The mini pop stripe stripe speeds are in my cart, but I’m hesitant. Can’t wear them to yoga . . .

    • Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that there’s nothing like ordering down vests from the ball field on a 90 degree evening.

    • Haha, no hate at all! A girl’s gotta do what she’s got to do. Totally agree with you on the rapper’s gf thing, but the navy one seems the most reasonable.

      Have not yet tried on a new pair of Skinny Grooves this year, so I unfortunately don’t have any Intel on the high rise.

      You COULD wear Speeds to yoga, as long as you’re ok with risking giving everyone in the studio a potentially free show πŸ˜›

  60. Every WMTM, I imagine someone cleaning out a back room in the warehouse and finding more old, random stuff (i.e. secret garden, anyone?). This means there’s always hope something I passed may appear in the future, right? I got speeds and the navy ebb to street pants! Very happy!! By the way, the verdict on my Day Trip Boyfriend pants – I like them, but not as much as my Athleta Bettona pants/jeggings. I was surprised to see that they have 0% lycra! Unlike the other 2 garments I own that are called Warpstreme. Still, they’re a solid wardrobe addition when you can’t wear leggings or skinny jeans somewhere. πŸ™‚

    • Haven’t given Athleta gear much consideration, nothing tends to catch my eye whenever I’m in there. Maybe I’ll have to sneak a peek in next time I’m near our local store.

      Happy to hear you found some other deals on great pieces you like! I also share your random warehouse hypothesis! I don’t even remember them trying to sell the Away Dress in Black Cherry/Clear Mint at full price…

  61. OhMyGosh! I’m going to have to delete the app. Trying to reign it in and I got the camo boyfriend day trip pants, the away dress (because I’ve been saying no for too long), and now I have to go back for the heatwave wonder unders. I did so much damage buying bugs during Seawheeze that I’m going to have to eat Ramen noodles.

    • But I mean… you’re going to be the best dressed ramen eater this side of anywhere!

      Splurge on lulu, cut corners elsewhere. Totally balances out. πŸ™‚

  62. Hey! You’ve made me extremely tempted to get the Day Trip BF Pants even though I don’t even wear proper pants. Would you be able to advise on the fit? I’m 5’10 and my waist is closer to a 6 but my bum is definitely an 8. I also have pretty muscular thighs and calves. Would appreciate your help!

    • Hi Marie! I’m 5’9″ with a size 8 waist and size 10 on the bottom half. I opted for the size 10 in the DT BF pant.

      There’s a little bit of room (I’d say about a 1/2″) in the waistband, but they rest nicely on my hips. The tiny bit of extra space is in line with the pants’ relaxed styling.

      If you’re not into proper pants (I know the feeling), these are a great way to be the most comfortable one in the room, while laughing to yourself that you’re totally wearing lululemon.

  63. You’re gonna do great! For as much as I dislike running (see my guest post, hah) I do like the challenge and goal of a half marathon. I bet you’re gonna crush it!

  64. Great goal! You’ll do great, both during training and the actual race itself. You’re already in good shape, so you’re more than halfway there. Keep your mind in the right spot, and you’ll be fine. Keep us posted on your training!

  65. I was kinda feeling this jacket and then you got to the part with the HOOD and omg I’m sold. I’m also 5’9, so your fitting reviews are so helpful for me.

    • It may not be the jazziest in design, but it’s a pretty practical purchase. It definitely isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon. As always, happy to help with fit reviews! πŸ™‚

  66. This is one place where I will have to disagree with you on the dud. Where I live it is never cold enough for a true long sleeve shirt, but can be nippy when first going out. Having the arm warmers is good for people like me (I live in the tropics but it gets very nippy in the winter) as I can keep my arms warm until I warm up and then remove them as the run progresses. I can’t do that with long sleeves. I will be purchasing a pair!

    However, I can see how people who live in places with more traditional 4 seasons wouldn’t find these of use.

    • You know, I never thought of it that way! The part about taking them off mid-run and not having to carry a full shirt with you makes sense. Living in CT, my rule of thumb is either a tank (60Β° and warmer), or a LS (59Β° and below) – not leaving much room in between πŸ™‚

      They look a bit out of place on the model, which is what drew my attention in their direction initially.

  67. Yes, I live in NYC, and love arm warmers for the same reason Beth does. Start out with them and slide them either around my wrists, or if it’s a long run, will take off completely and tie them around my belt.

    • I have so much to learn about distance running! Now you ladies are making me want a pair for my upcoming half marathon in October. Who knows if it’s going to be 80Β° or under 3 feet is snow!!

      • Haha! Yes. I know! While I love lulu, I actually have asics arm warmers simply because I found them on sale for $8. You can’t beat that price! Lulu’s are cute in the grey with the reflective a but a bit pricey where I’d rather spend the money on speed shorts πŸ™‚

  68. I bought your dud, and I’m sooooo excited about them! I go to Crossfit at 5:30am, and Arizona in the winter gets nippy, about 37 degrees on our cold days. We often have to run outside, then come in and do something else. Now I don’t have to rip a LS on and off!

    I also caved for the ultra violet heathered high times and the align pant, because clearly I don’t have enough black pants (ha). I’m in love with the $148 tights, but nooooo way can I pay that. My girlfriend did though, so I can live vicariously through her. I can’t steal them because she’s a size 2 (huh), so she’s safe there.

    • This is clearly a reflection of how much I know about specialized running garb, which is equal to zilch.

      Hi my name is Katy and sometimes I’m wrong about stuff! πŸ™‚

      • So Lululemon stuck the tags to the arm warmers through the material itself, leaving tiny holes. Not so brilliant. Maybe you were just seeing the future?

        The ultra violet heathered high times are thin and sheer. Waaaaaaa.

  69. I really love how you are so genuinely sweet and open-minded! As an ex-marathoner arm sleeves do have their place but I also agree with you that they look SO out of place on that model…they are supposed to be really tight and they look baggy on her?? Arm sleeves that fall down are THE WORST. She just looks so awkward and ouch.

  70. Murphβ€”in order. While the average CrossFitter performs this Hero workout on Memorial Day with the option of breaking up t 1000 he 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 sit-ups as they wish, the Games athletes had to perform the work in orderβ€”meaning that they could not move on to the next movement until they had completed all the reps of the previous movement.

    • Ahhh my apologies for the delayed reply! Are you looking for recommendations to wear around or work out in? I’d say the thickest and coziest lulu pants I’ve got are full-on luon Wunder Unders. I live in them all winter long! If you get a woven pattern like herringbone, they generally are even thicker! πŸ™‚

  71. I noticed that same thing about the swiftlies and didn’t even bother clicking to see if my sizes were available. For only $4 off, no thank you!

    Did snag a straight up tank in black after it went down another $5. I really like my orange one and think it’s a good basic tank.

  72. 1. Love the light as air thong. It’s my go to for under fancy dresses.
    2. The align pants are magical. I tried them on tonight and $98 just floated out of my wallet. I did not need plain black pants but hot damn do they make my butt look good.

    That is all.

    • I reeeeally want to try the Align Pant on, but I also fear that airborne $98 that should probably be paying to fix the AC in my car instead 😳

    • Yeah, they have had had an Apple app for a long time now and still nothing for Android. Truthfully I have no idea why and they haven’t really said. It’s a bummer, especially if they add this new feature where you can search for stock in stores.

    • Hi Amy! I actually went a little big on this one in anticipation of layering underneath. The 10 is a bit floppy on me, and the lulu size chart says I’m an 8. If you’re looking for a flattering fit, I’d recommend staying TTS, unlike what I did.

      • Thanks!! Your sizing info is always so helpful, since we’re in the same range! BTW, we’re going into fall, so AC might be non-essential?

      • You don’t realize how much you need the AC system to work all year round until it’s super humid out and you suddenly can’t defrost the fogged up windshield. Not exactly good for visibility!

        It was super humid out last week, and driving around in 90+ degree temps with nothing but moist air blowing through the vents was the SUCK!

        As unhappy as my savings account is, I’m happy to have it fixed πŸ™‚

      • Good point on the AC, Miss Responsible Voice of Reason. Just tried on my Go the Distance jacket (TTS), and I am in love!! Thanks for featuring it! The only down side is that the blue makes me think of Duke. Yuck!

  73. I got sent directly to the waiting room right at 10am and my best friend got the registration page no problem. After 8 minutes in there it booted me and said nothing available. No! I refreshed that page for another 10 minutes or so until I finally magically saw the registration screen. Phew, I was able to register! Apparently there’s an app you can use that worked really well so I’ll be sure to try that next year. Glad we all made it in!

    • Ahh that’s stressful! I did it from my work computer to make sure I had super fast and reliable internet.

      Oooh and I got the Passion Crops in the mail when I got home from my latest business trip this weekend – took them out of the box and directly out for a 9 mile run! LOVE THEM <3

      Thanks again for the chance to buy those, you rock x43809432! πŸ˜€

    • I’m so glad you love them and I was happy to sell them to you! Happy to spread the lulu love to those who also truly love it!

  74. I bought the blue version of these and wore them for the first time running and for that purpose they were fabulous. The compression was amazing and the high waist helped against any potential slippage. The lack of a front seam worked well with my body type I guess because I didn’t realize it was supposed to be a selling point but did make a positive mental note about the non-camelish experience. That being said I did have to exchange my first pair because they came straight out of the mail with a seaming flaw and hole in the rear! With that many seams I guess it could happen but it wasn’t a great first impression! Luckily I REALLY wanted blue running crops:) tried on align pants, didn’t purchase them yet but have them on a hair trigger! Amazing!!!

    • The instant unravel has happened to me before with last year’s Rebel Runner Crops! Thankfully the store’s seamstress was able to fix. I do love the blue color, but light colors aren’t always too kind to me.

      I think it was the fullux pants with the regular Luxtreme inseam that just felt a little strange to me.

  75. I’m really not sure why LLL keeps making the Straight Up bra. It has AWFUL reviews on the website and I believe a lot of people return these bras (I know I did after wearing it). Additionally, it’s VERY uncomfortable because the straps are itchy and gross.

  76. I’m not sure why LLL keeps making the Straight Up bra. It has AWFUL comments on the website and I believe a lot of people return these bras (I know I did after wearing in once). The bra itself is super uncomfortable because the straps are itchy and gross. Such a waste!

    Additionally, I am also LOVING the WUPs with stirrups!!!!

  77. I liked these but they were way too long for me as crops but too short to be pants. Damn being 5’1. The main selling point for me really was the side pocket because I’m obsessed with those but I found a pair of Trailblazer crops with side pockets that fit much better for my shortness plus were $30 less expensive.

    Thanks for your fit review, love it! Also, just moved from Lexington, KY and their Lulu is also right next to a Whole Foods if you’re ever in the area.

    • Is it more random that 1) I’ve actually been to that lulu & Whole Foods or 2) I’m going to be working in Lexington and will likely be there next week? πŸ™‚

  78. I wasn’t interested in anything at first when I checked the upload this morning. However, I saw the herringbone stirrup leggings in store and kept thinking about them afterwards. Caved and ordered to try them out, even though they will be strictly casual wear, since they are a no-go for hot yoga. Also got the Align pants in store this week. Yes, they feel like clouds. Yes, I feel naked. Yes, my underwear shows. Hmmmm.

  79. I grabbed those same stirrup pants before the vanished, too! I’m crazy about the purple High Times. If the stirrup pants aren’t amaze balls, there will be a swap. πŸ™‚

  80. […] As for the clothes you’re heard to read my ramblings about,Β dark hues in lulu’s latest rage on, with one minor exception in Bon Bon. While it doesn’t seem to always get the most hype, I’m excited to see some more from the &goΒ line, givenΒ my penchant for turning lululemon into business casual. […]

  81. I really want the &Go Where-To Dress. Both colors are gorgeous and I can most probably wear those w/ tights and flats until December-ish. So tempted but I will hold off til I can try in-store.

  82. I have so many comments this week!
    1. Picked up the Scuba III in Angel Wing and LOVE. Heathered sapphire is gorgeous but I can’t do 3 Scuba IIIs can I??
    2. Ordered that scarf. I love my vinyasas in dark neutrals, hoping I like this one too.
    3. Definitely bought the dress in gray. Hoping I can wear it with some WUPs or WUCs through fall/winter.
    5. I have this from last year, got the white on WMTM, it’s SO cozy.

    Also, LOL at the dud. Congrats on the barbell work AND the DUs, hope you’re getting excited for the half!

    Do you really love the stirrup pants? Are they really worth it vs regular WUPs? What color did you get?

    • I think I counted somewhere between 13-15 CRBs in my closet the other day, 10+ Energy Bras and at least 9 pairs of Speeds. Who am I to judge a 3rd Scuba?

      Let me know how you like the scarf? Saw it was cotton instead of rulu, so I’m curious on how soft it will feel!

      Trying to hold out on the dress at least until I can see it in person. Length tends to be a concern with my height. #amazon

      I so far am in mad love with the stirrup WUP. They have seams down the back of the legs, which go against the trademark no-frill style of a WUP, so I’m not entirely sure they warrant the Wunder Under name, but they’re pretty phenomenal for whatever they are. The blocked herringbone/black have this leg warmer looking vibe to them without actually having to wear leg warmers or stupid high socks. I’m a fan πŸ™‚

      • I’m so glad to hear about the stirrups. I’m dying of curiosity and I haven’t gone to my local store to see if they have them in. I’m tempted to order them, buuuuut have to justify the need as I live in HI. Is it the equivalent of girls wearing shorts & ugg boots?? I have no cold weather trips planned either to justify the purchase further. Crap.

        Love that they’re releasing new FTB and not just the wilds. Like the one you have posted too. The bright pink and the darker colors are a nice combo. Most things lately have been, meh.

        Congrats at hitting a wod again and for the upcoming half marathon (craziness in my book) as well as your bday. Only 2 yrs into my 30s but I enjoy it way more than my 20s. πŸ™‚

    • &Go City Skort is ALREADY on WMTM. hahahaha go straight to mark down, do not pass go, do not collect $200

      • You are so right. I think that’s the fastest Dud ever to go to the WMTM dungeon! Anyone who ordered it Tuesday (all 2 of them) probably haven’t even got their full priced orders in the mail yet. Way to go, lulu.

  83. Hi! Have lots of lulu in blue already and ordered the heathered butter pink scuba III! Also a sucker for textured luxtreme so picked up the pace rivals in purple. I’m in CT too and looking foward to hearing about your half marathon recap.

  84. A new What The Sport Short went up, the cranberry snake pattern. I called my store and had them put my size on hold, because WMTM WTS Shorts go pretty quickly. I also noticed a Boogie Short in the same colour.

  85. Couldn’t believe it when the count was 90 while I was in carline early this morning. Ordered the Crew Love Pullover in speckled black and the mink berry black stripe whatever. I love the fatigue one I got, and hope I ordered the same size on the fly! Later, went back and got the Ebb to Street in heathered harbor blue (hope they don’t show sweat in yoga!) and the WUP stripe. Wore my cranberry Definitely Raining Jacket today for the first time and loved it! Also loving the Go the Distance jacket so much!! I wouldn’t have given it a second look if you hadn’t posted about it! Thank you!! Day 7 of rain here and more to come, so I’m thrilled with these purchases.

  86. it may bite me in the tushy but i bought 2 pairs of sculpt shorts to wear to yoga. i hate how crops feel during hot yoga so maybe the sculpts are the answer.

    ive read reviews about them being sheer but since im short, my tops are always too long on me anyway, so this might just work.

  87. I haven’t tried full-on luxtreme so I would be interested to know why you you don’t like it. I don’t want to buy it and then find it’s too hot, doesn’t breathe etc.

    • Hi Lauren! To combat the whole sheerness fiasco of 2013, lulu developed “full-on” versions of both luon & luxtreme that were a lot thicker and tighter knit than their predecessors. While I feel like full-on luon was a success, fullux has been a disappointment for me. While it feels smooth and slippery to touch, the tighter knit isn’t as stretchy and forgiving.

      When you move, fullux generally slides around until you’re sweaty enough for it to stick to you and stay in place. A good pair of workout pants is supposed to move WITH you, not cause you to hike them up or shimmy them down all the time. Unfortunately, a good amount of lulu’s printed bottoms are full-on luxtreme.

  88. Speaking of blues, I am so bummed I missed out on the sapphire blue Go the Distance jacket. Might still get it in black or the gray mix but would then have to purchase other sapphire to compensate.

    • It was really tough for me to leave that one behind! I saw it in store before it was uploaded and instantly fell in love. <3 Didn't think to would sell out so fast!

      • Whoa, I didn’t know it had made it to any stores! Lulu BK didn’t mention having seen it, but one of the SoHo stores told me it had been online only.

      • Unfortunately SoHo was yanking your chain. πŸ™ I saw it in store both here in CT and in Nashville a few weeks ago!

  89. For running, I like songs from Pink. She’s just pissed off enough in a lot of them for me to feel solidarity when I’m tired.
    And my new favorite workout song is Bitch, I’m Madonna.

  90. Changes by Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau….it looks like a bunch of letters but it’s a sweet run song. From Seawheeze 2015 πŸ™‚

  91. Pretty into this Nike Run Club playlist: spotify:user:nikerunclub:playlist:0UFQxGiMJtm0v71eQrgyTX
    But also highly recommend Florence & the Machine – Dog Days Are Over, M.I.A. – Paper Planes, and the Diplo remix of Sleigh Bells – Demons.

  92. Happy birthday! My run suggestions include using Nuun energy tabs or cytomax in your water for before and during the run. I’m old school and like to listen to 90s hard rock while I run (think Korn, Soundgarden, Rob Zombie, or anything with just a bit of angst to make you dig deep and keep pushing). You can do it! Keep your arms moving and your legs will follow.

  93. I don’t really have any music suggestions, just stuff you really like. I use to put specific songs at certain times in the playlist do I know if I’m still on goal. Or you can try to go without music, I have found it to be more relaxing and I run faster without it…but I’d try that on a short run first, haha

  94. I’m kinda eyeing the jet crops in denim. Because lulu jeans? I think I need those (and do love the jet crop). Also, the Kanto catch me long sleeve is amazing (Rulu FTW) . It’s all I wore this weekend. Thinking of getting another color.

  95. It was an expensive week for me! Got the teal stripe regular rise WUCs, dark fuel laser cut WUC, and that pretty heathered sapphire 1/2 zip swiftly (but might return that one… will have to see the color in person). Then I had FOMO and went back to order the heathered menthol CRB – given how often I wear my Bali Breeze CRB, figured I ought to get this one too. Damn you Lulu! If they release any new colors in the Align pants (other than just an accent) then my budget is screwed this month.

    • Hi Audrey! This jacket is TTS. I sized up with the intention of layering thicker pieces underneath, but I kind of wish I hadn’t! I normally take an 8 in CRBs and Energy Bras, but bought this in a 10.

      • thank you for your response! to size up or not is always the dilemma if you are “tall”/might layer…i’m the same way so i get it! the jacket looks great on you though so don’t second guess! thank you again – am ordering now!

  96. Night is On my Mind by Oliver (off of the album Mechanical)!!!! I’ve been known to hit repeat on this. Makes you feel badass.

  97. Hey, since you monitor WMTM pretty closely I was wondering if you had an idea how often a Swiftly LS (or similar running LS) tends to pop up? I need one for winter running and have been checking WMTM for 2 months, so I’m starting to think I might just have to bite the bullet (or find one on sale from Athleta). I should note I’m a 6 in Lulu.

    • Hi Sam! Unfortunately due to their popularity, the Swiftly LS rarely shows up on WMTM unless it’s one of those horrible two-tone woven patterns. After about 5 months, there were enough Fresco Blue size 2’s to make it to WMTM recently, and even then the markdown was miniscule, only $4. (No joke.)

      While $68 seems a bit steep, I get tons of wear out of the few Swiftlies I have. I’ve worn one on 3 out of the past 5 days!

      • Have you had any experience at all with the complaints I read in the website reviews (holes, rips, bizarre pilling)? I know they’ll take it back, but I might be getting a job there soon so even with the discount, I don’t want to be stuck with a pricey top (or be known as the employee that returns stuff haha). I know Athleta’s alternative is only around $4 less, but I wouldn’t mind snagging one on sale just to try it out (since they’re awesome about returns). Sorry for all the questions and unnecessary details!

      • I haven’t had any MAJOR problems with Swiftlies. I totally break the cardinal rule and throw them in the dryer too.

        I’ve admittedly caught a jagged fingernail on the sleeve of one of mine before, but it’s not very noticeable. The miniscule pull hasn’t gotten any worse, even with many more wears & washes.

  98. @Sam I don’t know about others, but I tend to have better luck finding LS swiftlies on MD in the store rather than online.

    I haven’t bought anything from lulu since the price increases but today I ordered the pique Bhakti jacket and the ace spot black/white energy bra. I passed on the Bhakti last year and regretted it – surprised to see them on MD so soon. One of my barre instructors was wearing the ace spot black/white straight up bra not too long ago and it is ADORABLE in real life. Been watching for the energy bra to go on MD ever since. Score!

    • @Sam, I just ordered a Chi long sleeve from Athleta and it is super softβ€”I want to wear it all the tim. Downside: It’s really thin, so comparable to a l/s swiftly. (I’m not a fan of the swiftly as they pick too easily.) Not sure if the athleta top, but it was only $23, and so far I’m happy with it.

  99. Katy,
    My local store has a ton of the light as air and mulabundha underwear on sale for $7. Not just weird colors or sizes. I think you can order them from the store and they will ship them to you. If you are interested I will send you the store info.

  100. My requirement for GU is that it tastes like pudding so I go with Salted Caramel or Caramel Macchiato or vanilla. Salted watermelon seems like such a weird flavour but it’s actually pretty good.

  101. Have you run with GUs before? They upset my stomach, so I only used things that I used in training (for me, that’s the Honey Stinger gels), which I used on all of my long training runs as well.

  102. I order the flavor variety pack off amazon and they end up being about 1$ each. I don’t like the tri berry as well as I like the dessert tasting ones hahah the first time I had a chocolate outrage I instantly knew it’d be my forever favorite. It looks like frosting. So I’d never guess chocolate or coffee-like flavor a would be favorable to me over more Gatorade-like fruity/ citrus flavors but as it turns out, I actually prefer the salted caramel and chocolate outrage. Still haven’t tried root beer. Vanilla bean is okay. I wouldn’t rave about it. The blackberry one tastes sweeter to me than the chocolate ones, not in a good way.

  103. The only GUs I can stomach are the lemon sublime ones. I buy them by the box when I’m in peak marathon training. The chocolatey ones make me gag, but the citrus ones work for me!

  104. Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I was so in the zone that I didn’t bother with any gels during the race… I just kept running and grabbed some gatorade to supplement my water at a few of the fluid stations along the way.

    By “grabbed some gatorade” I really mean tried to drink too much and would end up spitting most of it out before trying to take a smaller sip without stopping.

  105. I tried this exact top on today, and I really liked it. It was super soft and cozy, and it was flattering on me. However, $88 + tax seemed too high. Plus this is a little heavy to get enough wear to justify the price here in Florida. Maybe if it goes to WMTM or I find a good score on eBay or FB.

    • Hi Samantha! I’ve found that herringbone weaves are generally a bit thicker than their counterparts. Maybe another pattern in the Kanto Catch Me wouldn’t feel so toasty?

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one. I got the feeling that any time I’d reach for something wearing that shirt that the sleeves would flip back on themselves. If they update the design to include sleeves the length of a Swiflty LS, then we’d be talking business.

  106. I LOVE this top. I needed a warm white top for my crazy flying trapeze obsession and this was perfect. It was really soft and I’ve worn it a couple of times. The sleeve ends laid flat for me and I had no issue with the hand part. Mine looks totally normal, didn’t wave. (I checked after your post). And it looks really cute under a vest too. Have you tried on the sunset salutation shirt? Also rulu and could pass as work attire. I

    • Ooooh I didn’t even think of that! The $148 price tag is still a bit steep for my liking, so I’m going to hold out and hope they eventually go on sale.

  107. FL girl here, sorry to disappoint but Orlando Outlet kind of sucks, and the prices at my local lulu sales rack were better!!!
    Worth going to the outlets for other shops though.

    • Hm, I’ve been there twice before and found some lucky scores – I hope my luck hasn’t run out! The Kittery one up in Maine was a bust for me.

  108. I need these. Really, really bad. I unfortunately don’t know anyone in Aus nor am I planning to go there anytime soon. My only hope is that it uploads next week…

  109. I ordered the dark fuel Daily Practice Jacket. It’s a buy now, make decision later purchase! Although, I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall in love with it. I wear an 8/10 in most Lululemon tops, so I ordered a 10 in this jacket. I hope it fits well!

    • The dark fuel one is in my shopping cart! Going to sit on it overnight… if everyone else buys them out from under me, then I guess it wasn’t meant to be… aka it’s my own damn fault for living on the edge and trying to resist the FOMO!

    • The scrunchie was just too easy of a pick! πŸ™‚ I’m a total 90’s kid, but COME ON.

      I went with the Tough It Out mainly for how it looks in front. Something that ill-fitting and unflattering in the front just isn’t worth the $58 price! Come on lulu, you’re better than that.

  110. I have the original fleecy keen jacket and being from NH (aka I know cold) I’m picky about my jackets…this is the best jacket lulu has ever made IMO. The fleece is very thick but not constricting; it’s longer in the back so actually useful for wearing in athletic endeavors, and the cut is very flattering. The double zipper isn’t uncomfortable at all…the inner zip up part is shorter so it helps keep warmth in without being bulky at the bottom. I’m thinking of buying another one in a different colour I love it so much.

      • I am in totally agreement with this. Anyone wondering should definitely at least try on. I have the original also and have worn it constantly for going on a third winter. For my coldest runs up here in AK, as to and from, and for sitting at hockey practice watching kiddos. I’m also considering another this year in my tts. My current is a size up and just a little sloppy. They hold up great!

  111. If these come to the US, these will sell out SO FREAKIN FAST. They sell for a good amount on the fb boards. They are on my wish list because anything black and white striped has my heart <3

    • While I’m incredibly hopeful for them, Australia is in fun spring mode while we’re getting the dark fuels and Bordeaux dramas dropped on us nonstop. I wouldn’t be surprised (yet I’d obviously be sad) if lulu gives us the shaft on these.

  112. I live in Boston and plan to check it out early Friday morning if there isn’t a mob. I’ll try to snap some pictures and let you know how the merch is!

  113. The rebel runners are also great for us shorties because instead of crops, they’re full on pants! I may or may not have bought three colors last year and have kicked myself for not going for the full set and getting them in gray too. So as soon as upload was up those dark fuel rebel runners were mine! I suspect the striped ones won’t be especially flattering so I’ll wait to try those on in store but rebel runners are one of my favorite pairs of lulu pants so if they look good they’ll likely come home with me too.

  114. The damn Align pants have ruined me… I am returning my teal space dye twist crops because I’d rather have the menthol/black aligns that uploaded tonight (ps LOVE the menthol CRB, it’s soft like jeweled magenta not thick like Bali breeze so I feel totally justified having both). Had to get that pretty teal fuel FTBW to match of course. Also picked up the gray rebel runners, missed out on the black grape ones last year and was so pissed. I’m super tempted by the white fleecy keen bc I love my red one from the first run several years ago, but holding off cuz white is dangerous. Have you tried on the Daily Practice? It’s tempting me too but I think the length is a little weird.

    • Hahaha I love the teal space dye twist crops! They performed nicely during Monday’s WOD πŸ™‚

      Just posted a fit review of the Daily Practice a few days ago, it’s definitely a slim fit and was nicely long on me… And I’m 5’9″.

      Yaaaay for Rebel Runners! I’m a fan of mine from last year. Haven’t picked up any new colors this year, given the latest influx of Aligns, stirrup WUPs and the space day crops into my collection. This homegirl has got to cool it on the pants purchasing!

  115. I love that Warrior Scarf, I bought it (in Canada) and it’s made of Merino wool which is not indicated as Merino wool on other website other than the Canadian website!

  116. So sorry I was late to WMTM this week because now that I see the Think Fast Pullover was initially available in an 8 (not anymore). I absolutely love this top. I have two from last year (black herringbone and boom juice/cranberry stripe) but I’ve lost some weight and they are a bit big. It would have been awesome to get some more in the next size down.

  117. Any thoughts, either positive or negative on the Seva Sweater on WMTM? Just moved back north after 7 years of southern winters and fearing the cold soon to be. Not really a pullover type of person but one with some “character” I’d consider.
    Am “meh” about most of LLL these days, yet I practically live in it :0
    Is the Seva sweater the one everyone was referring to the “loin cloth” sweater a while ago? Or is this a new iteration of the slit sides? Sorry for all the confusion. I rely on the kindness of strangers to help make sense of Lululalaland. πŸ˜‰ Because tho I may wear it, I just can’t keep it all straight in my head! Thank you

  118. Sarah – the Seva sweather is not the one I think of when I think of the awful loin cloth sweater from a while ago. There was a different one that was much worse because the slit at the side wasn’t a slide, it was a swath of fabric cut out of each side. However I haven’t tried this particular sweater on to comment any further.

  119. Got there around 620. Was in the second wave of people let in at maybe 8:05. I think they let 100 people in to start and then Waves of 50. I saw people with some good finds like pretty scubas, last years bumbleberry check “lumberjack” scuba, some if you’re lucky tights and some of the plaid speed shorts. There were definitely some nice finds, just mixed in with SO many duds. I grabbed some groove shorts that I don’t believe were ever in the US. There were a lot of items with UK tags and sizing but the US size hang tag. Most of what I purchased were UK items.

    • Good to know! So I’m thinking it’s one giant outlet. Mostly odd things that no one wants with the occasional foreign gem! πŸ™‚

  120. They were brining out more racks of stuff steadily and announcing to find what you want and get out, basically. Make sure your merch is getting rung in at the correct prices as you don’t get a detailed receipt and they will cut the hang tags off of EVERYTHING and throw them away. You cannot keep the tags. (Haha to you, eBay sharks!) Here’s a map for tomorrow. Enter straight ahead women’s tops on middle row of racks all separated by sizes. That’s it. No sections for tanks/hoodies etc. just all thrown together by size. The right row of rolling racks are women’s bottoms. The left row are men’s followed by ivivva. All sports bras, headbands, scarves m, mittens etc are in the boxes to your immediate left when you walk in. More boxed wrap around the left wall with tote bags and backpacks. A few yoga mats, water bottles, and socks were in middle of men’s and ivivva. Far right well was boxes of slitty sweaters haha you know the ones I’m talking about. There ARE fitting “rooms” in the back by where the checkout entrance is. It’s just a huge cornered off area with mirrors. Everyone pretty much had their piles thrown about the perimeter of the room. You can probably find better things in discard piles than on the racks. I think I covered most of it. Good luck !!!

  121. Thanks for posting your haul! I’ve been having serious FOMO, and am relieved that I already have a few of your finds from earlier outlet visits! The navy LS is the Out of This World LS. The light gray tank looks like the Mudra tank – reversible front to back! You got some great finds, and the vest outfit looks fantastic on you!! (Sizing help, please? You know these will pop up on eBay.) BTW, sitting by the fire tonight below the M-D line. We like sweaters and jackets, too!

  122. Nice haul – and your warehouse posts have been awesome, especially for those of us who couldn’t go. Here’s hoping they have a kick-A online warehouse sale soon! πŸ™‚

  123. Versa vest is full of the win and so versatile. It’s become a staple in y fall wardrobe as I can wear it to work

  124. wait can we take a minute to talk about the runsie uploaded last night too??? Someone at HQ was for sure partying it up and said Upload ALL the Things!

  125. Do you feel swiftlies are worth the $. I am looking into purchasing one, but all the review say they snag easily. What is your opinion?

    • They seem a bit steep in price, but I find myself wearing the 3 I have quite often.

      I had the same reservations about snags that you do before buying my first one as well. They aren’t as rough & tumble as some other lulu fabrics, but as long as you’re not constantly running around with jagged fingernails and rolling around in the dirt, you should be okay.

    • The CRB & Define are okay but none are screaming for me to take them home. One of my biggest lulu pet peeves are the two-tone patterned swiftlies, glad someone agrees with me!

  126. this post made me literally LOL. my boss stepped in to see what i was cackling about.

    this vest is fug. sorry no other words for it.

    • I don’t know, but I don’t like it! Thankfully they only wrecked a short sleeved one this week, which I don’t wear. Waters down the annoyance level just a hair.

  127. You destroyed/made my day pointing out the pretty speed tights (which I can’t wear at 5’1) are basically also available as pace rivals. I thought those were so pretty but wrote them off immediately because of my shortness. My heart thanks you, my wallet is a smidge annoyed. Odds are my heart wins this one because sparkles!

  128. North Face also makes a similar bra with nice front pockets. I have both the RSYB and the North Face one and I actually find the North Face one more comfortable supportive and a bit more padded. I always seem to reach for it over my RSYB. I hate it when you desperately want to spend your money at Lulu, but then they do crazy things with all their releases and force you to seek alternatives.

  129. I’m not going to lie, I’m taking a hard pass on Raspberry Glo (I’m not a pink girl, and even a faint chance of the dye transferring onto my skin like my friend is too much chance for me). I will DEFINITELY be

  130. I can’t wait for that CRB to hit the US! The dull wee stripe bon bon CRB is going back to make room. Why couldn’t they have just offered a solid bon bon? Also, I was totally on the fence about that ziggy blue snake CRB until I saw your posts about snagging it at the outlet. I blame you for basically forcing me to buy it when it went on WMTM this week. πŸ˜‰

  131. I started thinking that I need some of these WUP, until I found black cherry High Times in my closet. Probably too similar to justify. I have trouble with the WUP ankle/lower leg width – and I don’t think I’m disproportionately large in that area! They’re ok once they’re on, but wow, are they tight going over my feet! Sizing up creates waist slippage. You’ll be posting outfits with these pants, right?

  132. I agree, I totally expected a better upload. The UK got some beautiful stuff, including a fuel green scuba iii that has my name on it…

    Only the Down for A Run jacket in white for me tonight, but I am guessing it will be returned because I don’t think I trust myself with a white jacket. But it’s so pretty. Darn it.

    • Now you’ve got me trolling the UK upload… I want all the purple! I share your fear of the white jacket, I can’t go anywhere without having a run in with makeup or dirt.

  133. Oooh I missed that heathered slate energy bra. I have a random grey one I bought off ebay but it probably should’ve been thrown out by now it’s so ick. Energy bras haven’t been as comfortable on me for the last ~6ish months. I’m tempted to get it because it’s such a nice basic, but ugh, there’s so much else I’m already thinking of ordering. Sigh.

    Also: black grape used to be called black swan as of like 2013ish, but they got in some hot water over it because of the movie or something, so they had to change the name. The color code for BG is still BSWN, which betrays its original naming.

    • Ah, that explains it! Veteran knowledge for the win πŸ˜€

      I too am tempted to order the slate EB because how useful it would be, but I need another Energy Bra as much as I need a hole in the head.

  134. I got the sapphire Kanto Catch Me with fingers crossed that my usual rulu TTS 10 will be ok, despite the slim arms and fitted midsection. Spring Break Away shorts rock! I love mine because they are super comfy and cool, but still look more tailored for situations requiring that. They are for sure on my packing list for an upcoming warm destination trip (versatile, easy wash and dry). My Run for Gold tank makes me sad. It’s a WMTM miss for me because it gives me back fat, but the size up would surely flash everyone in yoga in Warrior 3 or Eagle or Chair. . .

    Love your notes on WMTM each week! Thanks!!

  135. So tempted to get the sapphire Kanto since all other sapphire tops eluded me this fall (waited to long on the Go the Distance and the Define). Also, thanks for the rationalization on the meshed up!

    • Oooooh good call on Celsius! They totally got the blonde in me who didn’t consider the fact that lulu HQ measures temperatures on a different scale. I am hesitant to trust lulu for the hardcore outerwear.

      While their Denali fleeces are considered gimmicky and trendy nowadays, my super frickin cold weather loyalty lies with North Face. The same jacket that got me through 4 years of sub zero Syracuse is still as good as the day I got it back in 2003.

      • As a Rochester girl, I have a $150 (that I paid half for due to working at Dick’s for a few years) Columbia coat filled with that shiny stuff that reflects your body heat back to you (just googled it, it’s called omni-heat). $75 for a coat that actually gets me too warm up until around -15F (where I get neutral – not cold but not sweating either) and that seems like it’ll last for at least a decade is a good deal to me.

  136. Thought you would call this upload Purple Rain! I ordered the vest and the Yogini 5 yr LS, but I really, really, really want the vest in white. How are your Align pants holding up? I’ve worn mine to hot yoga 6-8 times and casually under a short dress once. Noticed pilling on the tops of the thighs after the last wash, and it’s distressing to me because I love how they feel, fit and perform.

    • Hahaha purple rain did come to mind, but not until I’d already written the first title. Figured first instinct was the best, so I stuck with it.

      I haven’t put my Aligns through the ringer as far as working out goes, I mainly use them for wearing around the house and under skirts & dresses. There is some very slight pillage on the upper thighs, but no different than any pair of Wunder Unders I’ve had. Nothing more than I had expected, given my LACK of thigh gap. πŸ™‚

  137. I got the speeds bc the color was so pretty. Plus my local store never seems to get anything lately. I didn’t mind the contrast trim. Didn’t love the waistband, but it’s not horrid so I bought them. I also bought the intrinsic tank bc it kinda reminded me of the shape of the old 105 singlet but it also comes with a bra (able to separate) so I figure if I like it, $58 for a tank and a bra is a good deal. Good either be a dud or my new favorite.

    I wanted the gray energy bra too and held off too long. That’s the one bra I take a 6 in, rest 4s. Eff. I don’t think I’d be able to get it on. Well, if I did, it would be on permanently. Liked the new Flow Y bra too. That blue is so pretty. Hope to see more of it. This was actually the first upload in awhile that caught my eye. (All this cold weather stuff does nothing for me in HI)

    That was all. Ordered a couple capris to try out from athleta. Haven’t ever purchased from them before but they have free shipping right now till tmrw (code: HOLIDAY). They have a nice pair of striped capris that are reminiscent of LLL but at a waaaaaay better price tag.

  138. I considered the Speeds too given the “not horrid” waistband, but I got the pink lemonade ones this summer and should really wear them more often before I justify another pink pair.

    I’m hoping my local store has the gray Energy still! It’s been over a week since it dropped and I’m still thinking about it, so that means it’s ok to drop the cash on this one, you know, if I can still find it!

    Also curious to hold some Fresco Blue up next to Kayak Blue to see the difference. Maybe there will actually be a CRB this time around!

  139. The random swims along with a couple of other insignificant items actually reappeared on WMTM two days ago. I was confused because it wasn’t Thursday.

  140. I got the same heathered black sapphire LS swiftly. LOVE! Nothing else for me this week, which is good because my wallet needed a break. Would have gotten the Kayak CRB except I just bought a great quality used one in Spry Blue, which is super similar.

    • Upload went up *just* as I was heading out to dinner last night, so I only raced through super quick at first, resulting in the Swiftly and the LIA Hipster.

      Then, I went back afterwards to wrap my brain around ALL that had uploaded… I can’t get the Beat the Sleet Pant out of my head. I must own those. Oh and the kayak blue CRB. Oh and a bunch of other stuff that I really shouldn’t be throwing myself in debt for.

      Those Beat the Sleet Pants though… easily sit at the top the I MUST GO BACK AND BUY list.

      • If you do get the Beat the Sleet pants, please tell us how they fit. I’m also interested in those pants but with the price tag, I would rather know how they fit before buying them!

  141. I have the down for a run pullover from last year in surge and I love the hell out of that thing. Now that I’m back in L.A. permanently I will almost never need something so cozy warm but I find it so comfy and flattering. On the rare days our temps dip below 60, it’s coming out!

    • I was def tempted, given how flattering & warm it was! I’m being a bit of a cheapskate right now while I wait on that LS inkwell dress and now those rain pants. πŸ™‚

  142. I bought the dramatic static stirrup wunder unders. Have them in bordeaux drama and black/herringbone and love them. Debating the skinny grooves – actually purchased these and the navy cyber stripe ones a few months ago from my store before they reappeared on the website, but I returned them because I didn’t love the contrasting textures on the pants. I agree that the patterns were cute, but I just wish it was all Luon instead of the slippery waistband.

    P.S. – When WMTM was first uploaded, the denim and space dye twist regal alarming were available (denim only in one size), and they both showed the correct pictures. Looks like something got messed up when the denim ones sold out…

    • Looks like they fixed the photos yesterday afternoon! I ultimately held off on the stirrup WUPs and ordered the Beat the Sleet Pants at full price instead.

      Didn’t bother to read and realize the contrasting waistband is luxtreme vs luon! You’re right, that would feel weird.

  143. I’m so excited about the speed tight iv getting marked down, especially because lulu mislabeled them as fullux so hopefully nobody will buy them (so I have time to decide).

    • I noticed that too! I got bit in the ass by waiting too long on the Beat the Sleet Pants. Here’s hoping the 8’s fit comfortably!

      I banked on nobody else wanting something so boring and practical and go figure my first choice size was the first to sell out. Lesson learned. Buy now, return later πŸ™‚

  144. I have read your review for the wine berry WUPs and you mentioned they were sheer.I really like the color , but i want to wear it to the gym.Do you think they would be see through in a squat position?

  145. Nothing on WMTM today for me, but I seriously scored in-store last night. Circadian tank in heathered Cranberry for $34, Love Tee in the silvery gray for $39, and Pink Lemonade CRB for $34 (or maybe $29, I can’t remember right now)! Anyway, gotta stop buying sh*t for a while.

    Will they upload those dresses already?!

    • I’m with you on the dress impatience. Fun fact though – I was leafing through my closet earlier this week and found a plain gray 3/4 sleeve dress that I’d bought at TJ Maxx a few years ago that satisfies the whole gray dress outfit idea I had in my head. Now, I only need to wait for the navy blue one to show up, and will no longer have an expensive dilemma if they both upload.

      They were in the process of adding purple to stickers to stuff in my store on Wednesday night, but there wasn’t too much that jazzed me. I was too mopey about the fact they didn’t have those durn rain pants!

  146. OK GOOD!! i bought the fun camo-esque weird stripey print one in my TTS and didn’t bother trying it on bc duh i have like a million and it was SO SMALL. I actually went through the trash to find the tag bc i thought i must have accidentally bought the wrong size. Then I thought maybe it was because of the print…then I assumed I was eating too many donuts. I was planning on getting the new dark blue tonight so perhaps I will actually try it on!

  147. Ah glad this wasn’t just me! Tried on my normal size in store and thought ‘oh that’s not my best look’ and left it there. Might have to try the size up as it’s such a pretty color!

    • I’m absolutely in love with the heathered sapphire blue. No matter what the number on the tag says, I’d recommend snapping one up before it’s too late!

  148. Thanks for your answer , it was very helpful.I will wait if the Bordeaux Stirrup Wunder Under Pants make it to the European site (i have the black and they are perfect and totally opaque).I saw you wearing the Herringbone ones and they looked great on you.

  149. That looks cute as hell. I *kinda* hope your dress doesn’t come in so you can justify purchasing this… Oh no did I just say that!?

  150. YAS the ls swiftly in raspberry glo light seems tighter than the usual swifly. i tried my usual size and while i felt i could pull it off, it felt almost excessivly compressive. but since i have a small upper body, the size up was loose in the neck and torso. im glad it didnt work for me though since — that color. nope. can’t do it.

  151. im a skirt girl and i tried this on. im short though, so the length on me hits mid calf. i liked it but not at that price. now if it were that l/s dress…..

  152. LOL on the Lisa Frank reference. Gosh did I have a lot of that stuff when I was a kid. Anyway, I know the patterned swiftlies run tighter than their non-patterned counterpart, so that could be what it is.

    • I just read the post before this one, about the sapphire blue swiftly. So not a patterned thing… get it together lulu!! not hard to make sizing consistent!

      • Yeahhh I may have written them in backwards order – that’s what I get for scheduling a post a day ahead of time only to be so surprised by the new blue one’s fit that I rushed to post about it ASAP!

        You’re not losing your mind, I need to get my Delorean fixed.

  153. yah, i was chatting with the lulu peeps about the sizing and they confirmed that the new ones are a different material…more like the men’s mesh shirts so they are stretchier…which is perhaps why the sizing is more snug…although i notice the stretchiness a lot more in the solid colors than the patterned one that you tried on above. the heathered black sapphire one is to die for though. wearing it today and love the new fabric.

    • I’m with you in that I *do* like the new fabric, was just surprised by the difference in fit overall.

      After trying on both the crazy pattern and buying the heathered sapphire blue, the fit felt the same in both = tight πŸ™‚

    • Methinks I’ll wear the heathered sapphire one tomorrow, so I’ll have to snap a few pics to compare! A new Swiftly 10 fits like an old 8, but with more stretch.

  154. A) you could try the Anchorage store if you really want them. I notice we have styles long after they have been sold out online sometimes….
    B) Those Sherpa mittens are BA. I got some last year and they are the warmest cozier mittens ever! Only ones that actually keep my hands warm when it hits the negatives up here in AK.

  155. Your blog posts make me lol every single time. I thoroughly enjoy reading and love your humor. Keep em coming and thanks for all your blogging efforts.

  156. I know things are changing at lulu but they better not lose their ability to make behinds look fantastic! Pancake ass is NOT worth $98+

    • Thanks girl πŸ™‚
      They must have just updated that while I was at Thanksgiving stop #2! I checked around 5p and no new updates… willing to bet it went up with the Black Friday upload of new gear.

  157. I think the heathered tender violet looks good on you. I bought this top in heathered regal plum and I really like the deep rich colour. I agree with you that they were generous in the amount of fabric. I sized down to a 4 from my regular 6 because I liked the fitted look better than the looser size 6 fit. What I would really like is the heathered raspberry vintage pink in this top that the UK has, hopefully it makes it to Canada. It’s nice to see LLL adding some nice colours to this style of top.

  158. Under armour makes a similar pant too. Got mine a couple years ago for $40ish. I remember the Zella pair when I bought the UA, but I think I went with UA because of a lower price.

  159. I actually have the Zella Work it Pants too! Paid about the same price during Nordstrom’s big sale every July. I love it!!

    • Aren’t they awesome! I don’t know what it is about them but they’re pretty flattering. Just wish they were maybe an iiiiinch longer for my 5’9″ frame!

  160. Hi, Lulu & the Box,

    Thanks for posting. Do you know if WMTM is updated more often during this season, too?

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  161. I tried on the new fleece jacket and didn’t find anything that wowed me so much that I HAD to have it. Pretty thankful for that because I’m pretty overspent. I was in such a rush that I wish I had really given it the twice over though because the berry rumble is such a nice color.

  162. I grabbed these in store today. Thanks for the heads up! This is the…*cough*…5th…pair of workout pants purchased this weekend, all but these ordered online from various places. The deals were plentiful and I’ve been wanting to branch out from lulu so I figure now is a good time to try some out, right?! The FedEx guy is going to think I’m nuts. I plan on returning at 2-3 pairs, but I already ripped the tags off these babies! I actually think they are cuter than the studio pants.

  163. Inevitably, I think I’m finished shopping, then read your notes and add something else. Thanks for helping me spot ALL THE WMTM! (This time, I added the black/grey Flow Y bra.)

  164. im one of the few (i think) that likes the studio racerback. BUTTTTT i bought a ton of el cheapo old navy tanks over thanksgiving break so i think im good for tanks.

    i got the wup roll downs instead. and im thinking of grabbing a couple of the zone in tights because – THAT PRICE. do you think i need to size up? the reviews all say its tight to begin with.

    • Now having been to one of the warehouse sales, I can say it all depends on your personal style. The pretty cutesy stuff is scarce and sells out immediately if it’s even there. But if you’re into the more conservative &Go type pieces to wear while you don’t sweat, then there should be some solid deals.

  165. I ordered the reflective What the Sport Shorts last Fri. Then I ordered the kanto stripe sapphire blue ones yesterday, along with the bordeaux drama Speeds and the stripe play Groove Shorts. That makes 4 pairs of shorts. I should stop now.

  166. I got the Go the distance in mountain peaks from wmtm yesterday and am pretty happy about it! Love the berry rumble pace rivals but need to spend my running gear $ on warm things ( full length tights) as we head into winter.

    • If you haven’t already gotten them, you’ll love the Toasty Tech Tights for cold cold temps. I tried them on recently and they were crazy warm!

  167. I picked up a fluffin awesome vest in the coastal camo for $54!! Could not believe it. There was a bunch of other stuff, but restrained and got the vest, and the new green swiftly tank. Which by the way, you’re totally right, the swiftlies shrunk. I normally wear a 4, and had to get a 6. Wtf lulu

  168. it’s a lululemon roadshow for you! yep no wmtm updates. my wallet is happy.

    oh wait. i have 2 things in my cart – a wup and a zone in crop.

    LOL. it.never.ends.

  169. I visited the store right before Thanksgiving. OMG, it was impressive. The golden lulu logo outside the store made the most lasting impression for some reason. Can’t wait for your try on photos.

  170. They had it posted at 8am ET this morning it jumped to 110 items. Way earlier than usual I kept checking it because I know they add and take away but it never went back up. There was the green floral run all day backpack for $79 and the sun to moon scarf for maybe 39$ I can’t remember. I was considering the backpack since I own one and love it, but it sold out in probably 15 minutes. Nothing else notable enough for me to remember but it was quick like they posted oddballs they had 5 pieces of.

  171. On another note, the stores have new shoppers in Boston with that chalk design on them. It was on the new towel uploaded this week. Not holiday bags by they’re really pretty black and white design with the red logo

  172. On that note, I can’t imagine how much more I would’ve bought if all lulus had good mirrors and lighting. Cmon, at least make me feel like all the workout clothes I’m trying on is doing something for my progress!!!

    • I’ve always wondered why more retail outlets DON’T have skinny mirrors and flattering lighting. It’s boosting their sales and my self esteem.

  173. oohh so bright! my beef w/ the lulu stores in my area is that theyre so poorly lit. except maybe the sugarland store, which is tehcnically not houston…

  174. those pants! i love em! i need to take my skinny grooves for hemming sometime this weekend. i foresee a try-on. but i really shouldnt. who am i kidding tho – i probly will.

  175. If I didn’t already have both colors of the Fluffed Up Vest from last year, I would get one! Agree that it’s a great vest, and agree that the double zipper feature is so useful! Did you see the berry rumble bordeaux drama herringbone WUP? They deserve a fave 5 spot, IMHO.

    • I did see them, but for some reason they just didn’t jump out at me! As illustrated by #3, at the time of this posts’ writing I was clearly not exactly kinda sorta maybe not thinking… clearly πŸ™‚

  176. lol @ 3 and 4…and the vest is fantastic – I have it in Alberta Lake from last year and love it…also totally ended up getting the reflective snake speeds and really like them (of course it’s way to cold to actually wear them right now outside running in the am bc it’s friggin cold, but one day…)

    • Got the herringbone WUP today and love them!! TTS, very stretchy, pretty, and slightly brushed inside, and looked great when I tried them on with the Grain Fluffin Awesome Vest currently on WMTM. Nice color combo!

  177. ill take the tiffany ring for $250, Alex (sorry, jeopardy nerd here).

    i tried them on. theyre awesome on, and yes, they are full length (and then some) on me.

    but i dont need a pair of $322,56 workout pants. but its so shinyyyy!

  178. 1. Bitmojis are the best
    2. These uploads are soooo small. Got my hopes up for nothing.
    3. Where is the hustle and bustle jacket and the black heathered bordeaux LS swiftly? I thought those were on ‘what we love’ 2 weeks ago; did i confuse WWL with a sneak peek from another country? I want those 2 pieces so badly!!

    • I don’t know how I communicated with anyone pre-bitmoji. One of my favorite apps EVAR. Haven’t seen those pieces over in the US yet, but I do know the jacket’s up overseas.

  179. bitmojis ftw.

    im glad i wont ever need the runderfuls. because tropical weather.

    BUT I WANT THE ALIGNS in bordeaux drama. so pretty.

    i need another pair of workout pants like i need a third thumb though….

  180. This might be my favorite upload review yet. πŸ™‚

    I just had to pull the trigger on those bordeaux aligns – I waited on the gator green ones and now they’re sold out. I also love my Think Fast hoodie from last year, so I grabbed the herringbone one to try.

    Thought you would appreciate this: everything I’m wearing today to work is Lulu except my socks, underwear, and outer jacket. I’m rocking my Alberta lake boyfriend pants, black and gray CRB, new Shine On Define jacket in black (LOVE), and alberta lake/gray striped vinyasa. πŸ™‚ Workout clothes for the win!

  181. Are you going to be doing a review of your new pants (the pigment wave multi ones)? I’m curious about sheerness/amount of white vs colour (all that jazz), and I highly doubt my store will have it for me to try on when I run by tomorrow.
    Definitely picking up the Runderful Pant (assuming it fits) and whatever the new name for the Bang Buster is (Fringe Fighter?). Dying for the Sapphire and Cranberry/Bordeaux/whatever reddish shade of the High Rise WUPs (full-on luon) but I know I’ll just end up getting upset when they start pilling between my thighs and stretching out.

  182. Received 2 different holiday shoppers in separate WMTM orders that arrived today. Much better than last year, IMHO!

  183. got one today w/ a wmtm order. its cute. but what’s cuter is the zone in tight in dark slate. i never expected to love these pants but i do – ended up getting 3 tights & a crop.

    • Nice! I just got a holiday tote (black & red) with my most recent online order. The pants I got are going back, but I’m totally keeping the tote. Is that bad?

  184. those wunder unders are giving me vertigo. πŸ˜›

    i like the om the day bag & the vest. but like you, i also have a black one. i cant pull the trigger, even if ive had the blue denim fluffin’ awesome vest in my cart on & off since cyber monday.

    #firstworldproblems, i kno. πŸ˜€

  185. I have the Boom Juice vest from last year. The trim is slightly different, but from the outside, looks the same. Still a fave of mine and if you need encouragement that two vests are better than one, I have the Alberta lake one, too…..

    • If they drop this one in navy, I’ll totally bite. I’ve been kicking myself lately for not having gotten a blue vest earlier in the season!

  186. Yes! Teen Girl Squad! Love the homestar runner reference. Hope your breadtangle rocked. I’m definitely in the market for a sweater wrap blanket for travel. Let’s see how much the cocoon wrap ends up costing.

  187. yay for thumbholes for shorter armed girls!

    and LOLOLOL @ VS Pink hot pink leopard bra. *hides mine under the chair* πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! I’ve already worn it 3x since buying it what, 10 days ago? So it’s not the jazziest style, but it goes with absolutely everything. πŸ™‚

  188. I bought this in my normal TTS 8, tried it on, thought it was $$$ for what it was. Returned it. Saw your post, decided I needed it in a 10 for that more relaxed look and pulled the trigger. Can’t wait to cut the tags off of this one! My husband *might* strangle me but I’m fine with that. I skipped the green in favor of the heather gray as well (both times).

  189. Thank you for the review. I’ve been waiting for someone to give an honest opinion on these pants. I think I’ve got them out of my system now.

  190. Thanks for the review! I’ve ordered these to try- I’m in need of some pants for cross country skiing and hoping these would work. Here’s to hoping there isn’t too much awkward bunching!

  191. Nice review! I tried these on in my TTS 6 and was disappointed in the fit – they looked pretty frumpalicious on me. I did not try sizing up to an 8, but am considering going back just to see. Where I think they could come in handy, if they don’t fit well I just can’t justify the price. I never got to try the elusive dog runners, but having seen pictures I wish they would have gone that direction instead. Maybe next year?!

  192. Did you find these pants to be shiny/glittery at all? I’ve seen a couple reviews and photos that specifically mention this but perhaps it has to do with getting the incorrect size?

  193. these pants are a no go for me mostly because it doesnt get cold enough to justify a pair of double layer tights. also … im short, and im unsure that these pants are hemmable.

    awesome review. w/ queso on top!

  194. Exactly how they look on me!!! I have muscular thighs and a deadlifter’s booty – and I got that crotch-pucker. I have been hesitating on returning, and maybe I’ll try a size up just to see if that fixes it (because I DO need this kind of cold-weather pant). But they are going to go back – your pics just confirmed (sorry!), I do NOT want that look going on down there!!! πŸ™‚

  195. Same exact situation, mine are sitting in the (special edition, last one in the store!) bag with the tags still attached, despite me wearing them out twice with the tag tucked up (shhhhh). I’m usually a lulu 6 and I ended up getting a black 4. While it was a pain to get the 4 over my rear end, they have drastically less crotch bunching (though it is still there a bit, don’t get me wrong!) and overall just felt better. They’re a tad bit tight on my waist, but I’m pretty fluffy right now from the last two weeks of classes (aka cookies, wine, and the worst of all the cheap college foods).

    I have no idea whether I’ll keep them, and I honestly think I’m going to go running in them with the tag still attached once it cools down (literally ran in WTS shorts and a tank yesterday in NY). I know it’s gross, but they’re $130 and I’m too broke and these markups are too high to not test them first.

  196. The same dress is literally sitting in my cart. I can’t decide if it’s worth it – I saw some store photos and the mesh seams might be putting me off – let me know how you like yours!

  197. *raises hand* i live somewhere warm & toasty!

    i have 2 things in my cart – the dress & the swiftly ss. havent checked out because i want to wait til wmtm hits tomorrow. hopefully.

    that onesie though. why, lulu? WHY!

  198. I snagged the dress in store on Monday- it is everything.
    I really wanted the pixel berry (a girl CAN have too many black dresses…) but they only had the black and weird checkered ones in store. Didn’t want to risk a sell out so I snagged black (and also prefer to buy with R&D discount in store vs. full price online!).
    It’s fitted but oh so delightfully stretchy, has pockets, and is perfection. The only weird thing is how long the zipper pull is in the back- but I suppose it’s useful.

      • It fits very true to size- I’m a size 4 in everything and it’s just right. I’m short (5 even) and flat chested, so it fits nicely without being skintight or too long. My store didn’t get any 2’s in- if they did, I would have tried that on because I’m used to their fitted dresses being a little more fitted. I’m sure I could have gone with either size, but I’m content with the 4!

  199. I think I’ve gotten out of the habit of checking WMTM on Thursdays. There hasn’t been anything uploaded in so long I just don’t even think about it anymore! I’m sure I’m not the only one. Major fail, Lulu…

  200. I’ve been watching WMTM like a hawk for the Sun to Moon Scarf & the regular product pages for the Rebel Runner Crop. Found both today, added them to cart & entered payment info & caught the error message they were sold out. In denial, called & they checked the inventory & both are completely sold out. Yet…hours later both still show as available. I wish they stayed on top of the product availability. Rant over. πŸ˜‰

  201. Dress purchased in heathered dark fuel! Still debating on the other &Go dress, but especially seeing the price difference ($30 more for no sleeves?!) I’m gonna have to love it in store tonight to pick it up.

  202. Nice of them to load it so close to Christmas after I’ve spent my budget on my loved ones?!? Why do I have so many loved ones?!? Why am I in Finance so I can’t not stick to my budget?!? #firstworldproblems

  203. what’s your favorite fabric for the leggings? What bothers you about full-on luxtreme? Im just curious since I could learn more in the fabric end of things for SURE! LOVE the scooba hoodie, debating if I love the bra or if I dont like it! LOL…maybe too much going on? Youre so right about the rave thing LOL

    • Full-on Luxtreme is so tightly knit, it doesn’t stretch much! When you move, instead of stretching to move with you, I find that it just likes to fall down instead πŸ™

  204. That looks fantastic on you!! I desperately wish it would look like that on me, but it was a good 3, maybe 4, inches below my knee πŸ™ Not an item for us shorties but I will continue to admire it!! Cheers πŸ™‚

    • I’m 4’10” and they hemmed the dress exactly above the logo for me. My husband is one to turn up his nose to any dress at this price point but loved it enough to ask about the hemming and later suggested I also get the black in addition to the red. Trust me, that’s not typical so it’s worth a shot to ask your store if they’d do the same if you love the style.

      • I have bought dresses from Lulu before and had them hemmed, but I just never liked the way it sat on me πŸ™ It hits me at such different places that it irks me! I’m glad that you were able to snap it up, though πŸ™‚

  205. I’m so glad you love it! It looks really nice on you. I tried it on in store yesterday and had an issue with it, which I think is tied to my height (5’6″): the seams in the front that come down toward the waist scratched me! It could have been an issue with the particular dress I tried, but it fit perfectly everywhere else except the edge of the mesh seaming down by the waist line dug into me. In the two minutes I wore it in the dressing room, I already had red scratch marks on my stomach. So no dress for me. πŸ™ I’m guessing the seams lie nicer for you because you’re taller – so could be another reason this dress isn’t for us shorties.

  206. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog, both because I’m a fellow Lulu fan, and because you’re hilarious. Love the Star Wars cartoon…very nice and timely touch πŸ˜‰

  207. it looks amazing on you!!! i tried it on (holiday hours ftw) before work monday and its quite long on me – think almost a midi dress length. but im 5 foot nothing, so i kinda expected that.

    length is easier to fudge w/ shift dresses because i can just pull it up and slouch it about my midsection. defined waist dresses like this need hemming.

    • Thanks! The only hiccup with hemming this one is that there’s an omega logo on the side of the skirt in the back. It would have to be magically removed or hemmed a bunch to hide it so it doesn’t look obviously altered.

      • that’s what i thought too. eep. this dress might not be for me. ill try it on again when i brave the boxing day sales. but i just might end up getting the blue s/s &go dress. πŸ™‚

  208. I did even care about this dress until I saw these pics- and now I’m dying to try one on! Do you mind sharing your bra size? I wear a 10 on top for CRBs and such, but I’m 36D and that sizes me out of most all lulu dresses

    • No worries! I’m an average 34C. I take an 8 in most lulu tops. This dress is definitely fitted so if you’ve got more up top than I do, it may feel tight enough to try a size up, depending on your preference!

  209. Totally random, but do you prefer regular luon, full-on luon, or one of the occasional luxtreme blends that pops up for boogie shorts? The pickings are slim right now, but I might grab myself a pair in the next month. I want whichever will stay put best during lifting and will last the longest (no loose threads, holes, sheer spots).

    • Hi Sam! If my back were against the wall to pick one fabric to work out in, it’s full-on luon. It’s a little thick, but I like how it can hold up to some dirt & barbell abuse.

      The Luxtreme stuff I own feels inconsistent. Solid colors feel a bit thin, but when the patterns are woven (a la space dye twist) they’re more compressive.

      Full-on luon in DARK COLORS is going to be your best bet if you don’t want anything to be sheer. Lighter colors (no matter what the fabric is) may end up giving the world a free show! :p

  210. This is simply awesome. Your suggestions are right on the money but even better are your hilarious comments. Laughed out loud. A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

  211. lol I’m still new to lulu so this was a great primer but loved the overall tone. congrats on the PR!

  212. I think they’re having site issues right now. I can’t check out via phone or computer….Hmmm… Hope this is resolved soon. I wanted that cool chevron scarf that was too expensive before.

      • After 90+ minutes of trying I just went in to the store. Super excited about the Tender Violet high rise pants (which look oddly good with the neon tank I was wearing)β€”and snagged the 5 year long sleeve in pink (new, not a mark down, but I needed it as an accessory for my apple watch that Santa brought me πŸ˜‰

  213. It is killing me the speed shorts only have the blooming pixie on the waistband. Gorgeous pattern just to be hidden πŸ™ I might have to seek out the run times and give those a try because I am adoring this pattern. Maybe patterned speeds will come out next week? lulu has done ish like that before!

  214. Tried on the 5 mile LS because finally with the watch opening but I did not like the fabric. It was kind of scratchy and thin. If we had gotten the peacock like Canada I likely would have used my gift cards on it anyway because it was super cute on and I love that color. Unrelated, the in store deals were a bust in my opinion. Way better deals the Monday after black Friday. So maybe this Monday? Fingers crossed!

    • Are all three fabric styles scratchy? Thinness I like because I live in LA and, notwithstanding our ridiculously cold winter thus far, want something I can use in fall and spring. I will try one on in store…

      • I’m also in LA so the thinness doesn’t bother me either (though I can’t lie, I am cold ALL the time so I still wear my warmer stuff when it’s in the 60s) but it was the feel of the material that I hated. It just didn’t feel soft or silky at all. I loved the fit, and the watch feature was the main reason I wanted it so that was great but the feel of the material really turned me off. I tried on the white design and the grey and both were like that. The pink one I think I touched but I don’t remember clearly how it felt.

  215. I just saw the LS &go everywhere dress is on eBay in inkwell, size 8 (item # 291649611263).

    I so wish it was a size 10 … tho it’s an auction and not a BIN, which always annoys me. Damn you instant gratification!

  216. the chick wearing the leotard thingy has the most forced smile ever LOL.

    that crop tho – i want it! i think ill go try it on. πŸ™‚

    • It’s always fun to figure out which pieces they like and read their facial expressions when they know the piece they’re modeling is a Dud.

      • ooh you were in Tx? yep, we are having a strangely cool week. πŸ™‚

        i tried on the stop at nothing crop today and i like it! but i didnt buy it. i actually didnt buy anything.

        i must be broken. πŸ˜€

  217. I actually added the Tonight’s the Night Leotard to my wishlist. I also see it being amazing with pants πŸ™‚ I see a great potential πŸ™‚

  218. I actually got the big duffel bag in the blooming pixie multi and im in LOVE! I was waiting for another amazing print for lulu and now I have it! I havent ADORED a print since The Secret Garden Yoga on the Fly Duffel

    • Ooooh – I still don’t have a lulu duffel. Is it big? All of my CrossFit gear is filling up my old UA bag, and I’m considering upsizing!

  219. Great post! I love your idea of the pickle jar but it’s a good thing I didn’t start it in 2015 as my life was hell this year. Both me and my husband lost our jobs, had 2 miscarriages, came out of the hospital with anemia, had to move to only mention a few! Hopefully 2016 is going to be a good year. I thought your graphic of success was so funny because it’s so true! It’s always good to know about the person behind the blog. I wish you a very Happy New Year.

  220. Hi Katy!
    Thank you for letting us in on your life! Reading your blog is so much fun and I love the way you write and comment about things. Always brings a smile to my face. I wish you a very happy new year and loads of luck finding the right other half for you (even if you’re not looking for him! ).

  221. you had an awesome year i think — the best years are marked by ups and downs and lots of learning experiences. πŸ™‚

    my year was marked by losses and gains. but ive vowed to keep on keepin’ on.

    so, bring it on 2016!

  222. Love your blog, sorry for your loss in 2015, but I think you have the right idea, and left the good stuff for last. Love the idea of the pickle jar, thanks for sharing.
    Hope 2016 will be awesome for all of us.

  223. Of all the blogs I read, I find yours the best and the most fun. I love reading your point of view on everything, it makes me laugh and also nod my head in agreement most of the time.

    I, like you, am in my 30s (31 yo) and single as well. I agree it is tough, especially when everyone else is coupled up with babies, but I have to remember that he is around the corner somewhere. I’m at a point in my life too where I don’t want to settle for “eh”.

    Great post- I could feel the your honesty pouring through the screen. 2016 is going to be a great year.

  224. Love this – even had a few silly tears by the end! So glad I found your blog thanks to Suzanne at AA. Yay for a fab 2016!!

  225. I was unsure about the pace rivals too until I tried them on. Very flattering and the colors look good, especially with the 5 mile in peacock. Anyway, love your blog and your sense of humor!

  226. i went to the store today to get my 2 skinny grooves hemmed and i walked out w/ a yoga towel and a crb in heathered cranberry (so soft!!!). πŸ™‚ $29 each.

  227. So we had quite the El NiΓ±o day today in LA so I wanted to get the Bordeaux Drama definitely raining jacket and it is all gone! Not sure how I feel about the slate or inkwell. Argh.

  228. I gotta say, I did not see those disco pants coming. I do love the dashing purple swiftly LS, but can’t ever bring myself to pay full price for swiftlies, especially because they ride up like woah on me. So, nothing for me tonight! My gift card balance remains unmoved…

    • Your willpower is much stronger than mine!

      Can I tell you how spoiled the 2-day shipping from the OH warehouse has made me? This order shipped from WA and I still don’t have it.

      *throws mini tantrum*

      I want my new Scuba and I want it NOW πŸ˜›

  229. I’m pretty late to the comment party here, but coming back anyway. πŸ™‚ I love this whole post!! You did such a great job of weaving your signature snark in with vulnerability and insightfulness to weave a lovely little story. You are a rad and hilarious lady, and you deserve all the success you’ve had with this blog and more! I hope 2016 brings you more success and happiness both in your virtual life as well as your “real” one. πŸ™‚ Much love to you.

    Also: totally feel you on the “don’t have time to comment back” thing. I just spent like an hour responding to comments and I think I only got through like half of them. D: #bloggerlife

    • I’m obviously late to the comment party too… whoops!

      Thanks for the love you’ve shown this little blog all year – I’m beyond grateful for the readers you have sent my way. πŸ™‚

      As for the new direction your blog is taking, I must go on record and let you know that I absolutely love what you’re doing with it! The original content keeps me coming back every day.

      Best of luck with ALL of your new adventures in 2016! <3

  230. The disco High Times will be mine! Also, I fully support your hoodie purchase. That one uploaded to Canada in the fall and I’ve worn the f*** out of it.

    • I’m all impatient with FedEx just like Veruca Salt wanted an Oompa Loompa in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

      I want that Scuba Hoodie and I want it now!

  231. I definitely got a little spendy, but in store yesterday, not this upload. I have been coveting the Fleece Out Jacket since it came out but could not justify $199 for it. Found it in store on MD for $129 and didn’t think twice even though that is also high. I was surprised how much I loved the Pace Queen Tight considering I’m so short but they actually fit great so those came home with me. I also loved the Stop at Nothing Crop and couldn’t leave those either. Finally, I caved and grabbed the 5 mile LS in the tiger space dye because I love the print even though I don’t love the fabric. But then I saw Canada got the Think Fast Pullover in that print and it’s rulu! I hope that makes it here before my 2 week return window is up because if so the 5 mile will probably go back. So my lulu budget is up until at least March and my gift cards are long gone but I really love all the things I got so hopefully I can pass on whatever comes out for the next few months πŸ™‚

  232. that dress is full of the lols. its like an apron and a sundress made a baby. πŸ˜€

    im still hanging on to the gift card … buttttt i kinda want a split second short (or two) for hot yoga. i have em sitting on a cart but i cant seem to pull the trigger just yet.

    • I was quick to burn through 2 GCs already. Heheheh… Still holding out hope that the chance of the navy blue &Go Where To LS Dress coming to the US isn’t dead yet.

  233. The heathered speckled black Scuba is gone. Poof! How was sizing on the Rest Less Hoodie? I ordered it to try in my TTS and size up, since the Rest Less Pullover seemed tight in my TTS.

  234. I bought the heathered speckled black scuba a couple months ago and LOVE it. I am a huge Scuba 3 fan and never want to take them off.

    I’m hoping for more items in the blooming pixie aquamarine color. I don’t want to buy the bra until I know I can get other pieces to match.

    On that note, it’s really irritating how Lulu releases patterns SO slowly now that you don’t know what all it will come in. I like having matching pieces. For example, the speed crop just came out in navy cyber stripe, but the pace rivals and other pieces came out in that pattern months ago. I wish they’d release it all at the same time.

  235. I also just added 8 more Light As Air Hipsters to my collection thanks to the WMTM upload today- no shame! They’re the best!!!

  236. I definitely like the All Sport Support tank but cannot saturate my wardrobe with anymore Bordeaux Drama. It’s like they purchased miles of that colour and have to make everything in Bordeaux. I suspect the other colour ways will eventually make it to WMTM too.

  237. Two things:
    1) do you get compensated when we click through your links? I always click through despite having wmtm open in another tab, but I want to make sure it actually supports you when I do that πŸ™‚
    2) I got the pink lemonade kanto catch me tank at the flagship lulu for $29 last week. I’ve noticed across the board that store wmtm has much lower pricing. I even saw the down for a run pullover for well under $100!

    • Hi Sam! Yes, I do get a few cents if you click through the links on my site. Thank you thank you for the support! πŸ™‚

      You’re right on the store deals – I’ve gotten many a deal on items still full-priced online before. If a store sells through all but one size really quickly, sometimes you’ll score.

      What the customer base is buying factors in too. I remember this summer, swimwear was already discounted by at least 50%, but when I visited the store in Manhattan Beach, CA in July – of course it was all still selling for full price!

      Brick & mortar = bargains.

  238. Ooh hope the fresh mesh run crop comes in some good colors. I love the fit and colors of the pace queen but no side pockets. Speed crops have side pockets but the colors are a bit bland for me. Fingers crossed!

    • Tried on the Speed Crops today – didn’t love, but didn’t hate them either. Agree that they need to come out in a few jazzier patterns!

  239. lol @ the onesie.

    i am liking that wunder under crop! and the speeds are pretty!

    im going to the store this saturday to pick up my pants that i had hemmed so ill try on stuff!

  240. Yep, my ass has been kicked this week in the gym. I can feel the soreness setting in for a workout I finished 5 hours ago 😳

    Can’t decide how I feel about Ray. I like the pop of color, but I’m pretty dang fair-skinned, so I don’t think it’ll work for me. Hopefully I don’t regret passing on this crb.

    • I told one of our coaches this week at the box was OUCH and he just smiled and said ‘IT’S OPEN SEASON!’

      I’m in the same boat as you when it comes to ray & having a fairer complexion!

  241. I did so many squat cleans today and I want to die.

    RAY THOUGH. My ray speeds are some of my favorites ever. I thought about the CRB, but honestly, I feel like I’m too pale to have highlighter neon that close to my face. I’ll probably just stick with my speeds. Ah well.

    • Now add in a pale head of hair to go with the pale skin and it’s a recipe for fashion disaster. πŸ™‚

      If only this color existed (and I could afford lululemon) way back in the day when I was a perpetually tan lifeguard.

  242. That whole wind chill/white lulluby late 80s/early 90s vibe totally plays to my nostalgia. Being in my early 30s, I now have a nostalgic period that consumerism can prey upon. Maybe younger kids find it cleverly retro? I know they love flannel shirts and puffy vests right now. I remember being a teen and finding 70s/80s retro.

    • We’re the same age, so I know the feeling! The Energy Bra looks like this leotard I had for gymnastics way back in the day. Gahhh I loved that thing. <3

  243. I think you should get the t-shirt. jussayin.

    I made the wonderful (terrible) decision to start back up with full time Crossfit this week, after 3 months of strength training with pretty much no cardio. AKA I’m dying – yesterday I did over 100 wallballs and I wanted to cry. Why is that movement so bad?! It’s almost as bad as thrusters.

    Anyway, I got the Ray and Cool Breeze CRBs this week. I think the Ray will be perfect for the Volt accents on my black and white Nike Metcons. πŸ˜€ gotta look good getting back into the box, of course…

    I also LOVE the look of the new heathered lullaby scuba iii but I really don’t need a 3rd (and if I do, I’m holding out for the Fuel Green which we STILL haven’t gotten in the US or Canada. UGH.).

    • I’d get anything ray so dirty. After all that nonsense I caused about the pistachio CRB last year, I find myself too afraid to wear it half the time because I don’t want to ruin it.

      Having just gotten my first Scuba ever this week (heathered speckled black), I’m sitting here with my face nuzzled up in it and completely understand the desire for a 3rd.

  244. I totally just ordered that hat! I’ve been waiting for it to hit WMTM. My ears hurt when it’s cold, especially running, so definitely worth a try. Maybe it looks ridiculous, who knows. Only thing for me today, though I did order the Cozy Up Buttercup jacket yesterday.

    • I saw it in store today and was turned off by the silver zipper and how shiny it was. I tend to wear navy blue with gold hardware, so it would have clashed with any of the outfits I wanted to put it with.

  245. This tank is all that and a bag of chips! I felt the same as you about being scared to look I’m the mirror but it is so flattering.
    Ive worn it to Orangetheory a few times for weights and running and it passed the test for this 34 DDD girl πŸ’ͺ

    • I was totally caught off guard by this one! Did NOT by any means expect it to be as supportive as it ended up being. The fun girly look is a total bonus!

  246. I have the 5 mile long sleeve. Got myself an Apple Watch for Christmas so thought I needed this shirt as an accessory for my watch πŸ˜‰ The color is more lipstick in person than in the online pictures. And it is warm where I live (Georgia) so I like a thin long sleeve. It is a bit pricey. I wouldn’t mind it being lower in priceβ€”but it looks like the white space dye already sold out so that might not happen.

    Also, the watch opening doesn’t really work. It’s a PITA to get the watch to fit through the hole and stay above the fabric. I finally started tucking some fabric around the hole under the watch and that screws with the apple watch’s wrist sensor so I was having to unlock the watch every 60 seconds or so. I finally just pushed the sleeve up so I didn’t have to worry about it. So I got a very pricey (but pretty) pink T (that’s already snagged. One more snag and it’s going back.) I like that they thought the detail. Maybe they’ll get it right eventually?

  247. i tried this on yesterday, too! i liked it but i might be in between sizes on this one. the 8 was loose in the bust area but just right on the body. the 6 was perfect in the bust area but a bit tight on the body. im torn, so still thinking on this.

    i did get a pair of groove shorts on mark down and a salute the sun tank (love!) … and a pair of gloves for 10 bucks. πŸ™‚

  248. Hmm, wrist and thumb placement must vary quite a bit between peeps because I have the raspberry 5 mile LS and love it. My fitbit fits perfectly in the little slit when I am running. I live in LA so this is the perfect thinness for me but for sure it isn’t a cold weather item – I actually find swiftlies too warm and mine rarely gets used. It is definitely pricey and I’d love another one if it was like 15 bucks cheaper.

  249. Hi from Australia. I might be in the minority here but I just wear my Garmin over the sleeve if I’m wearing a top with thumbholes or excessive long sleeves. Hey love your blog!!! Especially your try on reports!!

  250. I tried the 5 Mile LS in the raspberry in both an 8 and a 10. I liked the fit of the 10 much better (same size I get for a LS Swiftly). However I hated the feel of the fabric and the clinginess. However, after reading so many good reviews of the Tiger Space Dye Black White fabric I ordered that and it is a night and day difference in feel from the raspberry color. The minute I put it in on I knew it was a keeper.

  251. I usually take an 8 in Swiftly SS and Swiftly tanks but a 10 in most other LS and tanks at Lulu. I found the 8 just a smidge too tight in the body to be appealing so went up to the 10. The 10 fits well because it skims my body rather than hugs it but the material is thick enough that that works. I love how it looks from the back. I intend to wear it with cups although had to ask for them at the store since they didn’t have them already inserted.

  252. Funny enough, I bought the Dud of the week. I do crossfit too, and liked the obnoxious colors and stripes.
    I’d have to say the more dud-like qualities include how they kept falling down in the WOD and their inability to absorb sweat. Lulu fail :-/

    • Oh no! I tend to have that falling down problem with any roll-down styles when there’s running involved. Haven’t had that issue with any Inspire Crops, though.

      Try and bring them back! Doesn’t lulu’s website claim they’ll take gear back if you don’t feel it’s up to snuff?

  253. Pretty please share Marie’s photo?! I haven’t seen VLF in real life yet. I’m concerned it will be too orange rather than pink, not sure that’s a flattering color on me. Have to agree on the dud. Ugh.

  254. i have a baller hat that i love and abuse all the time. i might grab this one because i like how it fits on my noggin.

    also, i think a try on trip for the fresh mesh run crop is in order. πŸ™‚

  255. I swore your dud would be the sit alone scarf! I can’t even figure that thing out, it’s so wavy and big. Just arm slits and fabric.

    • Ha! I think the demure color scheme made me not look twice at it. While I wouldn’t wear it in its full draped out glory, I will admit that it could end up being a practical buy for a traveler who can never quite keep warm on planes or in hotel rooms with broken thermostats!

      Both of those scenarios have happened to me before. Kind of nice to have what I now realize sounds like (and essentially is) the adult version of a blankie. πŸ™‚

  256. I got the pace tights & the what the sport short in pigment wind berry rumble. there’s something about this print that i really like. which is strange because i dont really go for prints. but there you go.

    fingers crossed that i get OK pattern placement.

  257. The WTS shorts are all at $39? They usually mark down at $29 or maximum $32. What a ripoff. I wish I’d grabbed more when they were all WMTM a month or so back, as now it looks like the original WTS might be a gone-r. The good news is I’ve been eyeing those painted boogie shorts and am def gonna scoop some up in store tomorrow, along with the Runderful pants, if either are there.

  258. Thanks Katy! I confess, I bought the Zone In pants in navy and the Zone In crop in grey. I know no one likes them, but I have one pair of the crops already and I think they’re just fine at that price. I’ve worn them for yoga and casual wear and they’ve been fine.

  259. Day 2 they had a 50% off 10+ items that ran for 6 hours. I wish I went during that time!

    I went on day 3, where they marked items down $10 cheaper. They opened the doors with an accessories promotion 3 for $12. The Summer Lovin’ Totes and crossbody Party Om bags were the first to go (at $4 each people were grabbing multiples). Vinyasa’s were also grabbed quickly. They were gone within the first 1-2 hours.

    Around noon, they marked down jackets/hoodies another $10 cheaper. By the end of Day 3, I heard it was get 10 items for the price of 1 warehouse priced Jacket ($39). Something insane like that. I looked like people were camping out with their goodies and waiting as the day progressed for their stuff to get cheaper.

    There were really good Cool Racerbacks patterns – some of the patterns are still available on lululemon.com at full price! I got them for $19/each. Lots of good finds. They were continuously restocking the floor and rolling out new styles all weekend.

  260. Oooo get the flash light CRB!! I have it and love it.

    Great color comparison, it really helps show these colors are different, but still very similar to each other. If flash light were in that pic, it would completely round out all the orangey-pinks lulu put out in the last 4 months πŸ™‚

  261. There was a bunch of product added this morning and it was gone before I could check out πŸ™ I got a pair of the Zone In pants too, they are actually really comfy for yoga.

    • There were at least 5 in a row on my feed this morning. I couldn’t resist snarking back about it in some way, shape or form πŸ™‚

  262. i like them. tried them on and i had to size down because it felt generous in the waist and butt area. didnt pull the trigger yet but i might.

    the fresh mesh run crop was nice as well, but i think this particular iteration of the speed crop was nicer.

  263. I use the drawstrings all the time! :). When I run they keep tights/crops from slipping down. For reference I wear lulu size 6 and have a 27” waist and 38” hip.

    • Stephanie I’m in that boat too – it depends on the pants, but I have a few pairs that fit great most of the time but DEF need the drawstring to lock in the top if I’m doing any kind of jumping or running. I blame all the squatting, but as I saw on a shirt this week – nobody raps about small butts! πŸ˜€