IMG_0093Box. Once such a simple word that struck me as so comical in college that I took my roommate’s plain brown matzoh box and a pen to the bar for the sake of asking EVERYONE, including bouncers, bartenders and people I’d never met before to sign my box. I still have that box.

How things changed over a few short years. If you CrossFit, you know that CrossFitters don’t “go to the gym” so much as “train at the box”. If you’re thinking CrossFitters are a bunch of koolaid-drinking crazies and stumbled upon L&TB out of your interest in cute activewear, then I should probably clarify that ‘box’ is CrossFit lingo for an affiliated gym. Hence, the original thought that went into the blog’s name.

Since Lulu & the Box’s inception, my interpretation of ‘the box’ has shifted from a literal to a proverbial reference.

The blog now focuses not only on lululemon’s latest offerings, but the many ways of styling lululemon’s fitness-focused line into a casual (or even dressy) street style, which could be considered ‘out of the box’.

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