1. I agree about Poshmark. I used to buy and sell (from my personal stash) all the time, but it’s become too expensive for both sides now. Over $7 to ship a 4oz bra is crazy. Gah, I wish your stuff was size 2! I would go on a shopping spree!

  2. Can you post a photo of all the blues? I would love to see larkspur down to hero inkwell true navy and midnight navy if you have. Also can I buy your jet stream swiftly 💙

  3. Speaking of the Strava discount, it took three emails – the last strongly worded, to get 25% off of the single item I wanted.

    I was sent a second code that me didn’t work, so I purchased the oversized yoga mat for full price (before it sold out- which it did), and requested that the 25% discount be credited to my gift card.

    Lululemon ultimately did the right thing, but it took some serious effort and persistence on my part. The kicker was that instead of apologizing for their twice failed codes, they said they were sorry that “I” had trouble with the Strava discount. 🙄

    • I believe the strava discount did not apply to yoga mats. So that is probably why your code did not work in the first place.

  4. Ohhhhh #1 looks so fun! I adore anything spacer! I can’t do white but wouldn’t it look great in Tiger?

  5. The biggest dud is that the bright purple swiftly is still not showing up anywhere overseas or here 😂😂 Ill pass on midnight orchid all day for the chance of getting a bright non-dusty and non-bluish purple in some core styles 🙌🏼

  6. I LOVE #1, but not in those colors. I’m so tired of black/grey/white/olive/muted this/pastel that…where are the bright, saturated colors?? Snoring.

  7. I have the Wee Space Power Y in my cart. I have an old one, probably one of my first bra purchases from Lulu years ago and I wear it a lot. It’s the kind of pattern that matches nearly everything. I’m thinking I need a back up for when the old one finally gives out.

  8. So helpful. I’m really happy I found this as the Lulu site doesn’t give such thorough comparitive feedback.

  9. Could you post a fit pic of the new Sculpt tank? I’m on the fence about getting one and would really like to see how the cut has changed from old Sculpt tanks!

    • I would be interested in this, too! I know the cuts are obviously different, but a comparison like the one you did for shorts would be awesome!

  10. Any chance of a side by side with all sculpt versions? The original was my go to. Not a huge fan of sculpt 2. Intrigued by 3

  11. I’m intrigued by the Kasta Bra (phone trying to correct to “pasta”), but it seems like it would constantly be slipping off my shoulders. The HN LL Energy Bra is the bra of my dreams, but I’m not crazy about the colors or the price hike. I was hoping for some rainbow goodness today. Womp.

  12. Energy Bra high neck is now Long Line is now $68 from $58. Wonder if this is a sign of Lulu raising their bra prices…

  13. Just received the Rogue Renegade ZIP Hoodie in the mail today. It’s amazinggggg! I’m a 10 on top in most things Lulu and a 10 in this is perfect, especially since it’s cropped. Go for it!!! …Or be smarter and more patient than I am and wait for WMTM. 🙂

  14. Thank you. I struggle with looking at Lululemons upload with everything going on but honestly, sometimes I need a break from the looneys in my state and country who still think Covid-19 in a hoax. But we have to see the wonderful change going on all over the world confronting systematic racism and this makes me hopeful. Stay safe and I will be looking forward to my Lululemon escape.

  15. Thank you for this post. I love your blog for a moment of indulgence and fun… I read plenty of news, listen to NPR in the car, went out and marched for BLM, and wear a mask every time I leave the house. I believe you can be socially responsible and also have moments of froth to give the mind a break. I appreciate your blog for that. I also appreciate Lululemon asking people to give space to BLM and other important issues. AND I understand you needing a mental break…. I need one myself. Stay well and take care, and I look forward to seeing you back when you’re ready. <3

  16. 💕💕💕 acknowledgment, honesty, openness, talking about it…. 👏🏼👏🏼 I (like to) think for a lot of us, reading your blog +humor and obsession about workout wear lately is a distraction when we all are feeling other overwhelming conflicts. I kinda feel like a jerk messaging you about court purple but I hope you know it was a light-hearted hope for a quick distraction. With regards to what’s going on, and speaking only from living most of my life on the reservation with a lot of “native vs white” conflict, discrimination, murder, getting away with murder and so on, Id like to simply put this out there: don’t let the news/circulating videos suck you in to a bad place, but instead get involved with your own community. Look around nearby and find how you can help (by showing up, NOT mailing checks) youth centers, underprivileged programs etc. It’s much better for easing tensions and all of our collective mental health. Take it or leave it, just sending lots of love to everyone out there 💕💕💕

    and yes that is a very beautiful sunset 🤗 🌅

  17. I love reading your thoughts each week. I always look forward to some Katy-humor and Lulu talk. I find your blog a fun place to escape the news and read about what you are up to or your thoughts on the latest trends.

    I do find it really interesting that Lulu asked bloggers to stop posting about their product to leave space for other conversations, and yet they did a pretty big upload of new items today. It seems hypocritical of them in many ways. In any case, I’ll miss you in the next few weeks and I hope you get some rest and relaxation. Come back when you are ready.

  18. Grew up in Michigan in the early 60s. Shots for me! Now I live in Vermont and I feel the need to bring it back. So I’ll start educating my local ice cream places!

  19. First, the Lulu– I love dark prism pink. It is the bright and happy pink I’ve been waiting for! I’ve been wanting shorts in this shade for years, but it seems they only wanted to make them in the 2.5 length. Hurray for the longer ones in this color!!

    Second, it looks like you had a wonderful vacation!! I’d love to hear more about your trip if you are up for sharing. I’ve heard Great Sand Dunes is a great national park to visit. Was it any different visiting a national park now vs. before? I’m considering doing something like this in the next couple of months.

    • I’ll try to throw together a little something re: traveling and National Parks soon! I haven’t returned to traveling 100% at the capacity I am used to for work, so I have limited exposure to what the new normal is. Thankfully the great outdoors are just that, and it didn’t feel like our trip was impacted by COVID in any significant way.

  20. as for me I have had zero handle on my Lululemon online shopping every since the shops closed 🙁 This upload was not an exception. Hotty Hot Short 2.5″ Orange and Neon Green (I’m a sucker for anything bright), Inner Glow short in navy, align crop 17″ in Black and Navy, White Choose a side short and i’m trying not to pull the trigger on the purple camo Quick pace ss ( love wearing these tops for summer outdoor running… oh Lord help me

    • I still haven’t fallen victim to Hotty Hots, so this may work in my favor right now. I am seriously INTO highlight orange, so my wallet is only safe until my favorite core styles get the treatment!

  21. I bought the Larkspur FTBW Bra back in March because I love the color and desperately wanted to make it work. I just hate FTBWs, unfortunately. Nothing for me again this week!

    • I keep holding out hope that the white Rogue Renegade Hoodie restocks. Just when I gave up hope on the City Crew *Spacer in Tiger, it restocked, but I didn’t bite because of the lemon vibe Ready to Roll.

      It’s been almost a month now. On one hand, I should give up hope and move on. On the other hand, I keep holding off on new purchases until it restocks… which is… never.

      So I think (???) this is good for my bottom line?

  22. I think blue glow is so pretty but I have more than enough hotty hot shorts and just ordered the speed ups in daydream so another blue pair of shorts would be redundant lol. I’m also trying to stay tame until the July 9 that I keep hearing about!

  23. To be fair, all athletic brands are coming out with “nude leggings” as a massive trend — off duty supermodels are all wearing them, so I knew it was about time for lululemon to join in and make some.

  24. I just placed 3 orders and still going! We will see how much actually ships–stuff is going FAST! Hope they restock!

      • I cant even get the site to load on my computer so luckily my phone is showing the stuff but it is always glitchy repeats when I scroll 🙁
        Just placed a 4th order…..

      • I wanted that green one too but no longer in my size. It was gorgeous! I found some Align bras that are reversible (my weakness) –I dont remember seeing these before (?)

  25. just tried to order and site is down lol. why am i not surprised?! One would think that a company who’s stock is over $300 a share would have a site that doesn’t crash as much as theirs when there is a massive influx of people buying.

  26. Their site is just bad in general. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I ended up shopping the sale at about 2:30 AM (California time). You’d think there wouldn’t be too many shoppers online then? The site kept crashing anyway!!

    I managed to get a few fun things to try, a couple of high neck tanks and some mesh WUs that I wanted in the Winter. I had a whole shopping cart full, but talked myself out of a lot of things that I really don’t need. I may go back for the graced with lace jacket. I keep checking to see if my size is still in stock. The reviews are mixed though, so it’s keeping me from buying.

  27. Got the soleil Yellow longline energy bra in size 10 for $29. Appeared with some restocks Friday night around 9:45EST. Hopefully order will go through and ship!

  28. Just because shorter people can get things hemmed, that doesn’t mean it fits! You can’t hem sleeves. You can’t just cut off a chunk off the legs and expect the knees to be aligned on a shorter person. LLL makes most things to fit their almost 6ft models! And that’s just the “regular” fit stuff. They even have “TALL” versions for some stuff. Sure there’s Asia Fit but its very very limited.

  29. @athletikaty what did you order? I grabbed a black long sleeved swiftly, cosmic shift multi high neck energy bra, ready to roll crew and some gear for hubby!

  30. The swiftly definitely uses less fabric, but it does use more stitching, so maybe that justifies a higher price? I love the cropped top, but yeah the hole in the back was an unwise decision on their part. I feel like I’d be tugging down the top the entire time I was wearing it, I think I prefer looser crop tops that don’t distract me as much.

  31. “Thoughts on pairing this with a Jet Stream Swiftly?”

    As a Penn State fan, that would be too much Michigan for me 😉

    Allegiances aside, depending on how true/bright Lemon Vibe is, I think that it would look great!

  32. Oooooh, I have been SO tempted by that watch! I look forward to seeing it in your posts so I can decide if it’s worth my bucks to upgrade from my 5S. The white body is just dirt city, but you know I gotta have that rose gold!

    • I’m not sure how many more features the 6S has over the 5S – I’m moving up from a Forerunner 235 so I’ve definitely got a learning/familiarity curve ahead of me!

  33. Eh, nothing from the promo really stands out. Sorry they’re just not giving a crap for the people who took the initiative to commit to a race that’s (for quire a few) in a different county, and give y’all a setup like Sephora does for VIB, linked to your account, so it’s not a flippers free for all to make bank. Lulu is really quite disappointing more and more, as time goes on

    • That’s my biggest concern. Flippers are professionals. You know people are going to build bots for this, and half the merch will be up for resale before it’s received by the OG purchaser.

  34. I find this very discouraging and disappointing that they are opening the Seawheeze merch up for sale to EVERYONE. I am registered for the race and was looking forward to getting some special items but now that’s looking like it’s not going to happen. Why lulu why? It’s not that hard to offer exclusively to the people who registered. Or at least give us first chance a day early.

  35. I actually like the dud in black—but agree the neck is weird and a bit cheap looking. I’m always hot, so I appreciate the venting under les pits, though. Hopefully everyone else hates it too, and it will hit WMTM!

  36. I’m not a registered runner, and I think this totally sucks and is the wrong move by LLL. You’re right about the resellers. I guess LLL just wants their money and doesn’t care about keeping it exclusive to those who deserve it. How disappointing.

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