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The 7 Stages of Every CrossFit WOD

Everyone knows that the first rule of CrossFit is that you always effing talk about CrossFit, so naturally, there are a lot of emotions involved when you're that invested in the awesomeness. Here are the 7 Stages of Every CrossFit WOD. Don't act like you haven't been there before. 1) Excitement: F*ck yeah CrossFit! The… Continue reading The 7 Stages of Every CrossFit WOD

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5 Reasons Every CrossFit Fan Should Go to Regionals For all you CrossFitters out there, I'm sure that you can share in my excitement that regionals are right around the corner! If you're within any sort of driving distance of one of the SUPER regionals this year, I recommend you snag your tickets and go! Lucky little POS that I am, Northeast Regionals… Continue reading 5 Reasons Every CrossFit Fan Should Go to Regionals

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Lululemon Var-City Tank

I'm torn. I'm torn between telling you all how great the lululemon Var-City tank is and lying and saying it's horrible so no one buys it and it ends up on WMTM so I can get more colors at a discount.   Air conditioning is a wonderful thing. I've been working down south in the bayou all… Continue reading Lululemon Var-City Tank


What We Love – Salty Swim

Lulu summer has begun, and the next wave of swimwear (no pun intended) is on deck for Tuesday! Catch the full post on (minus my snarky commentary) here. Although I don't feel like I personally can pull off the front racer look, I don't necessarily hate it. However, something about the boxy shape in… Continue reading What We Love – Salty Swim

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Gooood Morning (ok so now it's evening) Baton Rouge! Field trippin' yet again. A handful of new styles dropping this week, with the emphasis on Heathered Jewelled Magenta. Only one piece in Clarity Yellow (the CRB), hopefully more are in the pipeline. Such a pretty color! Cruise the full upload here. 5 Faves and a… Continue reading Upload!


7 Reasons to Squat Ass-to-Grass

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know I posted this photo last week after seeing a multitude of squat "PR" videos in which the people doing said squats were nowhere near matching parallel, much less going below. This one's for all the people out there who would benefit from swallowing their pride, stripping the… Continue reading 7 Reasons to Squat Ass-to-Grass


Lulu Hacks

  So... want to get your hands on the best stuff first? Of course you do. UPLOAD: Lately, the weekly upload of all the goodies in the US happens quite close to (if not exactly at) 7:00p EST every Tuesday. Don't wait until Wednesday morning. There are a few items that I've gotten on a Tuesday… Continue reading Lulu Hacks

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Run: Speed Short – Fresco Blue

Oh man. Man oh man oh man. Just 4 days ago I was gushing as I instantly placed my order and awaited the FedEx man's arrival with a new pair of Fresco Blue Speed Shorts. Houston, we seem to have a #firstworldproblem. I'm not as impressed with the color in real life, and the fit =… Continue reading Run: Speed Short – Fresco Blue

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Cool Racerback – Heat Wave White Black

The results of Tuesday's retail rampage are here! In a frenzy between work and CrossFit, it was a quick change and impulse to rip the package open and try something new on. Out came the Heat Wave White Black CRB! The slanted pattern was more flattering than I expected and off came the tags.… Continue reading Cool Racerback – Heat Wave White Black


HeyLululemon’s What We Love – 5/5/15 Upload

'Summer' is finally coming, and next week is going to feature what a ton of lulu lovers have been impatiently waiting for - more colors! Catch the full post of What We Love here. The Define Jacket will be dropping in Heathered Magenta. The Iconic Wrap (aka v-neck bed sheet with sleeves) looks to be a… Continue reading HeyLululemon’s What We Love – 5/5/15 Upload