Lululemon 101

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.52.34 PMNew to lulu? As you pull a me and get far too excited about lulu and become more familiar with their products, you may start speaking in acronyms & code. Happens. ‘Aint no shame in saving keystrokes!

CRB: Cool Racerback Tank – These are phenomenal to wear at the gym on their own or to layer in everyday casual outfits.

Educator: What lululemon calls their in-store sales team members

FTBW: Free to Be *Wild Bra

GEC: Guest Education Center

TTS: True to Size

WMTM: We Made Too Much, which is lululemon code for ‘clearance’

WUP: Wunder Under Pant – Plain black Full-On Luon is an absolute wardrobe staple.


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