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#SeaKatyWheeze: T-13 Days

How in the hell Pheidippides ran the first marathon sans headphones is beyond me. It's tough to grasp that fact that 2 weeks from today, Seawheeze 2016 will be OVER! Between the preview of the showcase gear, the check-in information from our Airbnb host all ready to go, the trip I've had on the calendar for… Continue reading #SeaKatyWheeze: T-13 Days

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Preview: Seawheeze 2016 Exclusives

The previews of the exclusive Seawheeze gear for 2016 is here and it... is... underwhelming at best. It's like my bad dream from the other night came true. Almost everything shown below is tightly laced with black. What happened to fun pops of color and brights mixed together? Color blocks, fun patterns, big contrasting stripes? Because the pattern… Continue reading Preview: Seawheeze 2016 Exclusives

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WMTM Alert! – 7/28/16

Just a small peanuts update today (so far), given the massive WMTM drop that happened last week, with a bonus round on Friday. Here's what I'm noticing in my "agh I haven't eaten lunch yet but I wanna get this done before I run downstairs and eat" tizzy. WMTM Alert! - 7/28/16 Upload The Hot… Continue reading WMTM Alert! – 7/28/16

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5 Faves & a Dud – 7/26/16 Upload

The northeast US is (and has been) like a sauna lately. Disgusting sweaty humid 90+ degree weather. If I wanted to live like this, I'd move to Miami. This is Connecticut. Mother Nature, get your act together because it's not cute. I am only going to refrain from demanding it to be October RIGHT NOW because I… Continue reading 5 Faves & a Dud – 7/26/16 Upload

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This is Why You Can’t Watch the CrossFit Games Online for Free.

The fun part about personal blogs is that you pretty much get to write about whatever the eff you like, so pardon me here while I go off on a mini rant as I watch the individual fields take on Murph at CrossFit Games, live on ESPN3. Every year the comments section on every single social media platform… Continue reading This is Why You Can’t Watch the CrossFit Games Online for Free.

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WMTM Alert – 7/21/16

Risky business posting early, but I've got to leave the house by 11a to get to work! So, we're going off of what was online around 10:18a EST. In a Cinch Tank - neon pink. Tried this on once, didn't hate it. Swiftly Tech SS - Heathered sea mist, heathered very light flare, heathered jungle,… Continue reading WMTM Alert – 7/21/16

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WMTM Alert – 7/14/16 *Updated*

Happy 6th birthday to my car! #irrelevance Last Thursday was one of the most insane work days I'd had at home in a while. Give a presentation all morning, straight into studio tours in the afternoon, running home and packing and then getting in the car to drive 3 hours to a show after that.… Continue reading WMTM Alert – 7/14/16 *Updated*