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UPLOAD! – 3/31/15

Hey hey it's Tuesday! Let's see what kind of fun Lulu's got in store with the latest upload. Their theme of the week = trail running! Still waiting on the warm temps here in CT so the snow can melt and I can actually run outdoors. Here we go with 5 fun pieces that jumped out… Continue reading UPLOAD! – 3/31/15


We Squat, Bro.

As much as I love Lululemon, a sore spot for me has always been how all of their models online are the same slender 'yogi'-looking girls with little to no muscle definition. As a CrossFitter, I do NOT look like that. According to my measuring tape and their sizing chart, I'm a perfect 10. With both junk in… Continue reading We Squat, Bro.

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Dave Castro Doesn’t Define You

Ah... it's that time of year. For the past 4 weeks and with 1 to go, CrossFitters across the world (myself included) have been jumping through hoop after hoop set by none other than the Ring Master himself, THE Dave Castro. 2015 is my 3rd year participating in the CrossFit Open. It took until this… Continue reading Dave Castro Doesn’t Define You

5 Faves & a Dud, lululemon


Happy 7:00p EST on Tuesday! This week's upload seems to be heavy on the Sea Me Run line. I hear in other parts of the country south of the Mason-Dixon line that the temperatures are beginning to rise. I was still digging my car out of 3 inches of snow to get to my local… Continue reading Upload!


HeyLululemon’s What We Love – 3/24/15

Lululemon's weekly preview of the Tuesday upload is here! The fact that Canada is getting a lime green (officially Clear Mint) CRB makes me want to take a road trip north. Or patiently wait with my fingers crossed for it to migrate south. Aside from the Electric Coral FTBW Bra, nothing shown aside from the… Continue reading HeyLululemon’s What We Love – 3/24/15

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Preworkout = Magic Pixie Dust

I have to admit, one of the last things in the CrossFit world that I gave a try was preworkout. I was into Red Bull as a high school athlete, like any 15 year old still is now. Then, upon getting to college and starting in as a NCAA Division I athlete, random drug testing… Continue reading Preworkout = Magic Pixie Dust


Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookies are fun. Today is Sunday Funday. I recommend making a batch tonight if you can find the time. Tomorrow will be one happy Monday if you do!

Gone Paleo (With the Occasional Faileo)

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Work has been BANANAS lately. I managed to subside off of Trader Joe’s food entirely last week, not sure if I cooked once. Took a business trip to Alabama, stopped at Trader Joe’s in a fit of hanger en route home from the airport last Sunday and managed to walk out $83 lighter. WHO SPENDS THAT MUCH AT TRADER JOE’S?! That’s a friggin’ Whole Foods type of total. Needless to say… I literally had food for days. Thankfully, this past long weekend helped me catch up on my sanity in the form of my first days off from work in 2 straight weeks, and I finally hauled my butt into the kitchen on Monday.

Managed to cook 2 recipes in one afternoon, PLUS do all the dishes twice. This sounds like what any normally functioning adult would do on a daily basis, but I’m not normal. I’m a 29-year-old kid…

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Last Call! WMTM – The Store Edition

In case you're not as much of a crazy person like me, here's a fun fact: discounted items upload to the "We Made Too Much" section of lululemon.com at some point on Thursday mornings. Usually, somewhere between 20-40 items are posted at a discounted price. This past Thursday, there were 103 items. 103! I practically… Continue reading Last Call! WMTM – The Store Edition


Run: Speed Short 4-Way Stretch #fitproblems

Alright. I'm in a bit of a love-hate relationship with the 4-way stretch Speed Shorts. Lulu, it sounds like you've been tinkering with the master pattern again. Once upon a time, early into CrossFit when my pants size was still a single digit, I bought a pair. They were a bit tiny. So, a few… Continue reading Run: Speed Short 4-Way Stretch #fitproblems

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CrossFit Open WOD 15.3

I get it. The point of the Open is to separate the weed from the chaff. The point of the Open is to figure out who's fit and who isn't. However, I still consider it an interesting card that #TheDaveCastro chose to play. With the introduction of the scaled WOD this year, the door was left… Continue reading CrossFit Open WOD 15.3